"American Requests" Inspired Gran Turismo 5's Damage

A Polyphony Digital rep reveals why damage was really brought to the GT series.

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PirateThom3628d ago

Thanks America. :-(

I would definitely be in the more tracks/cars group, since I don't play to smash my car up.

George Sears3628d ago

You're welcome.

I'll see my other brothers in arms online for some face to face 200+MPH collisions!!

PirateThom3628d ago

Destruction Derby HD, coming soon.

cmrbe3628d ago

I have absolutely no idea why people want to watch cars smashes in games like GT. Burnout yes its cool but in GT its pointless and stupid. I do understand those that want some form of penalty but i think the majority of those that wanted damage just want it so to smash up cars in a driving simulator!! LOL. Most of them are just video gamers that just want destruction and mayhem in their games. GT is not that sort of game. I think most car fans of GT don't care about damage.

George Sears3628d ago

I disagree and agree with the article. Polyphony has always stayed true with there motto of trying to be the "The most realistic racing sim" around and I really cannot see how they can achieve that if they don't add car damage. Besides, it'll only add more challenge and would require more perfection to play than past iterations (not to mention that people Online wouldn't always want to sucker bump you).

I guess for the people that don't want a more challenging experience they can just turn the vehicle damage off, but anything extra added that affects the gameplay at whole to make it more challenging is always a good thing.

cmrbe3628d ago

To me the biggest challenge is driving the perfect line with no accidents.

Saaking3628d ago

I can see why PD wouldn't put Damage in. Isn't the point of a racing game NOT to crash? Still, it's a good addition to the series and without it the media would never stop bashing it.

Death3628d ago

In real life you don't bounce off walls at 100+ MPH like a ping pong ball. It usually damages the car and can even disable it. If you like to race a clean game then you should be happy to know that some clown isn't going to ride the rails at 200 MPH to beat you. Instead they will be laying in pieces on the side of the track.

If it makes you feel any better, you will still have the occasional asshats driving the wrong direction just for fun. With damage they will be easier to avoid and hopefully completely disabled with a few hits.


Sunny_D3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Dude, even though GT doesn't need it, it shows the determination of Polyphony Digital and how they listen to their fans no matter how small it is.

Having pre scripted damage and only affecting cosmetics when hitting a wall at 200 mph wouldn't be considered a sim either, but i know where you're coming from. No video games this gen will ever ever create a true driving simulator. Only the handling. Even then, the only one who can compare the handlings are race car drivers.

soxfan20053628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Adding damage only improves the realism. Anyone who has ever watched a car race knows that no matter how perfectly a driver may drive, things can happen beyond his control. The mark of a great driver is to still win despite the carelessness of other drivers, or the inherent randomness of racing. Having to make mid-race adjustments due to the compromised handling of a damaged car is something ALL drivers have to contend with at times.

A driver can race perfect lap after perfect lap, only to blow a tire on a piece of track debris and hit the wall. Now, his car is damaged even though he drove perfectly.

The main goal of adding damage to a game is not to allow a destruction derby, but to accurately simulate real life racing hazards.

EDIT @ below - you're right, but I was making a point about damage being a part of racing regardless of how perfectly a driver may drive. Most damage comes from being caught up in a collision that is not your fault, and that can be simulated in a game.

Sunny_D3628d ago

Yup, but no one has simulated that real life racing hazards at all. The only damage you get is based on collison and not tires blowing out, or engines dying, etc...

jib3628d ago

thats kinda like requesting no death in killzone 2 since dying isn't the point of the game. having no damage isn't any different. trying not to hit/damaged in a race makes it more suspenseful the same way you try your hardest not to crash a plane/get shot/etc in other videogames

each to his own i guess. you guys could always hope for some sort of "invincibility mode" cheat when the game comes out & start a petition if they don't

Death3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Play the games. Damage is on a sliding scale and can be turned on/off and just about anywhere in between. In full simulation mode you will disable your car by driving like an idiot.

Tire wear, blown engines and trannys have been simulated for quite some time. We don't see tires blowing off the rims, but we do feel the affect of wear during the race. You can even watch real time heat monitoring. The smoke coming from the engine and tailpipe is the smoked engine that refuse to move the car more than 2 mph. A blown tranny will leave you stranded.


WinterWolf3628d ago

I know some of you may disagree but but I think damage adds a more immersive experience to the game. Yes, the point is not to crash, but damage adds more to the game. The danger of crashing or damaging your car are real risks in the racing world. Damage is a feature that will add more intensity as any wrong turn can be more punishing. But it will also add a greater sense of reward, knowing that you are untouchable on the track!

Also, in real racing passing and going around turns is a key concepts. You cannot "phase" your car through another car or bounce off walls. Damage, I think, is necessary for realism, necessary for simulation.

Godmars2903628d ago

Where's the t1tty bar in the multiplayer lounge and the machine gun mounts? The Smoke, oil and mine dispensers?

sikbeta3628d ago

This is good, now we have The Real Driving Simulator + The Real Smashing Simulator all in 1 game

GT5 will be Amazing for sure

Greywulf3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

It has Pause. Real life racing doesn't have Pause, or restart. Penalties for those who actually know how to drive = time penalties. Which GT5p managed to do, and even more so GT already had with ramming/engine degrading penalties.

The only people that want damage are kids who love forza, the same kids that think its realistic in the first place to have Decal-Swapping damage and 0 mesh deformation. The same kids that buy all things Halo.. aka.. America.

If GT owners were polled "would u rather have GT 2 years earlier, or have damage and delays" i guarantee me and a majority of GT fans would vote to patch in damage later.

Damage isn't needed as a penalty, because I dont ram into other cars, or race with other people that just ram cars. I'm the majority of GT owners. IRL You race in car clubs & people that know what they are doing, and know that a bump is ok.. turning into people and using others for brakes isn't. When I race, You wouldn't be able to tell theres damage, because im not flying off the road into a wall.

GT isn't a RACING simulator which requires damage/racing flags/rules to be simulated. Its a driving simulation. If you wreck on a track day, you're done for a year or so until you can convince your insurance you weren't on a track at the time of the race, even though the GPS says its so.

Its irritating that they are adding it for GT5, but at the same time, having actual mesh deformation for damage is already in the leauge of PC sims, toss in some head tracking, and GT just became that much better. But it would have been the perfect D R I V I N G simulator without damage, just as GT5p/GT4/GT3/GT2/GT1 has been.

1. Capture the feel of driving in a as-close to- photorealistic world as technology permits? -- Done.

Damage as a penalty is an excuse used by n00bs that can't even crack time trial rankings.

soxfan20053628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

DRIVING is simply getting from point A to point B, or completing a circuit, in the fastest time possible or while acquiring the most points. There may be other cars on the track, but beating them is irrelevant.

RACING is being placed on a track with a number of other vehicles, and where your success is based on how you finish in relation to the other cars on the track. Your points, or prize money, are based on how close to 1st place you finish.

I've played a lot of GT and Forza, and while there are DRIVING modes such as time trial, the majority of the content (primarily the career modes) in those games constitute RACING simulation. Therefore, damage simulation IS a critical element to include.

Narutone663628d ago

GT5 have the option to turn damage off. I think the reason some of you want damage is that when racing online, some jerk tends to use the other driver or wall to bounce and get ahead in the race. Usually, the beginner does that. But the more seasoned GT gamers who participate in online tournaments shun those style of driving. For me, I want more cars than damage.

evrfighter3628d ago

you can call your game a sim game all you want. If it DOESN'T have damage then it's just an arcade racer. Gran Turismo would have never been a true sim without it.

Deep down PD knew they would have to pony up the damage if they were to continue to up the ante on graphics while saying they have the most realistic game ever.

Trust me you'll be thanking the americans to no end on the next console when damage physics have been more refined.

Why o why3628d ago

WOW, but both points are good ones

Consoldtobots3628d ago

why are there forza fans in a GT thread?

hay3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

@evrfighter: So going the opposite way with your logic, a game with car damage implemented is a sim? Didn't know Burnout was a sim.

Damage in GT series was inevitable. Be it in 5th or 10th iteration. It just had to come in time. Though people shouting about it want it from completely lame ideas.

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Letros3628d ago

[email protected]#! yea, comin through to save the...

whothedog3628d ago Show
UC2GOTY3628d ago

aids? i don't have aids. sorry. im the lucky one.

i_am_interested3628d ago

this honestly doesnt surprise me at all

its mostly coming from these forza fanboys (gt haters) bragging about their pre-damaged model swapping (hah) and down talking GT's lack of damage

i always figured that the japanese and the europeans didnt care for it cause they actually know how to drive properly

im American, and even i know the europeans and japanese are gonna mop the floor with us at GT5 online

zeph943628d ago

Yeah but we'll own them in socom

cmrbe3628d ago

will be ovals with the inclusion of NASCAR so there is hope for you yanks lol!.

Death3628d ago

Twisted Metal on the GT engine would rule.


Sunny_D3628d ago

I think I'd take that over Twisted Metal itself!

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whothedog3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I think it's a good thing they are adding damage, we waited this long, why not a few more months to have a more complete game. I personally don't like when developers release a game and only half of what is supposed to be there is present or isn't working properly. LBP and SOCOM comes to mind. Not saying they promised anything I just rather have the full game to begin with instead of patching it in later.

gamingisnotacrime3628d ago

I played Forza 1 a lot, and Forza 2, and the damage was something i had it off most of the time. Is something to use here and there, but not very funny when going for those long races and the car braking apart lap by lap.


For this stupid request . The only ones that wanted car damaged was the freakin BOTS ...I don't play GT to smash up my cars . well forza have it.....who gives a shlt , this is a GT game not freakin forza not freakin need for speed not motorstorm . This is freakin GT..I blamed this all on forza and the stupid americans we call xbots.

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