GameDaily: Halo: Reach Speculation

GameDaily writes: "This past weekend, at the Spike Video Game Awards, Microsoft rolled out a new trailer for its upcoming Xbox 360 extravaganza, Halo: Reach, set to debut during the fall of 2010. Series developer, Bungie, will introduce gamers to new Spartan warriors while chronicling the epic Battle of Reach, which took place before the original Halo.

From what we've gathered, Halo: Reach is a first person shooter that revolves around Noble Team, six Spartan soldiers led by a mysterious Lieutenant (that's you). Other members include Jorge-052, Kat-320, Carter-259 and two as of this writing unnamed characters."

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BadboyCivic3603620d ago

a lil bit of killzone here, some gears over there and we have halo reach...i trust bungie to deliver a balanced multiplayer experience unlike MW2...Marsh mellow and a nice camp fire goes well with MW2...