Gizmodo: Microsoft Beats Xbox to Pieces for Getting an RRoD

Rosa Golijan: Nic H tells us that this is how his Xbox was returned after being sent to Nurse Microsoft. If that's really true, then it looks like Microsoft is getting brutal on Xboxes that dare get an RRoD.

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Sunny_D3627d ago

It's probably mishandling during shipment. Microsoft don't want to increase their already terrible reputation even more with this.

kaveti66163626d ago

What can Brown do for you?

zag3626d ago

Yes looks like that but I don't think MS will do anything but simply put in for insurance claim then wait for that to come through.

BX813626d ago

Look at the pic of the box. The box was crushed obviously mishandled. I would be pissed when I got my xbox back.

Sony sales Director3626d ago

Now if only the bots would do the same and buy a ps3

Government Cheese3626d ago

Now I know what was in the box at the beginning of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

pixelsword3626d ago

If you look at picture 7, you can see the box in the background, which looks like it was crushed; so it probably was because of shipping.

This article is misleading and damaging to Microsoft's reputation for no good reason.

whothedog3626d ago

@Government Cheese

That was a good one. haha

3626d ago
Anon19743626d ago

and everything to do with the shipper. Obviously it was crushed, most likely during shipping.

I remember going into a small Purolator office about a year and a half ago in Edmonton, AB Canada. I brought in my coffin and the guy said "Ah! Another Xbox." He said their little corner office alone usually handled 20-30 360's a week. He added mine on top of a pile of ten identical 360 coffins, all waiting to go out that night. It would have made me laugh it if it weren't kinda sad.

Thankfully that was the last time I had to go in. I haven't had any issues with my most recent replacement for the year and a half since I've had it, even though I was skeptical when they shipped me a console older than the unit it replaced. Looking forward to trying out Halo ODST over the Christmas break between semesters.

EvilBlackCat3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Wow and they keep creating, bringing RROD and stuff like this to N4G... i wonder what they are going to create and bring(post) next as soon they find out that REACH in-game looks better than the in-game video they show us at the VGA's.


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Ninji3627d ago

This just goes to show that Microsoft really doesn't know how to fix anything.

Johnny Rotten3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

lol at least there's a 1 free month of LIVE taped to it.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS 1st person to PM I'll hook up with a 48hr trial card!! HOHOHO!!

RockmanII73626d ago

I got a 48 hour code in my hands. I'm going to wait for a desperate time to use it (If gold expires right when Halo Reach beta starts or something).

deshon093626d ago

sorry we beat the sh*t out of your 360 but hay one mouth free of live

BX813626d ago

@ deshon09 since when did MS start handing out a mouth for free? Times must be getting rough.

ReBurn3626d ago

All RROD repairs get a month of Live to make up for the time you lost while your box was away.

ASSASSYN 36o3626d ago

Don't wait too long baseball. They expire.

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lonix3626d ago

oops just pack it up and send it anyway

just like rrod

ps12&3lover3626d ago

thats microsoft for you......come to sony where you get treated right..and you wont have to go through things like this cause the ps3 does not die every 2 months

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