GameDaily: Heavy Rain Impressions

GameDaily writes: "Heavy Rain is a difficult game to preview, because discussing its story, characters and the actions they commit (or don't commit) could spoil the plot. We'd love to tell you about specific chapters, drinking orange juice and taking a shower, but doing so may give away the slightest detail. Instead, we'll discuss our thoughts and feelings on this special game, but before we begin, know this: it's unlike anything you've played, and whether or not that's a good thing depends on your level of patience and openness to engage in new experiences that don't involve golden coins, machine guns and zombies."

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Sunny_D3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

I'm sensing negativity written all over this preview before I even read it. I bet I will be right. Brb.

Edit: Well, I guess there wasn't that much, but there was some nitpicking. But overall, they enjoyed it.

"The story doesn't make any sense. That's probably not what Sony wants to hear, especially since the game has a 2,000-page screenplay, but based on the several chapters we finished, nothing fits, aside from what we hope is not horrible foreshadowing to the infamous Origami Killer's identity. We need to play the full game.

-Sony needs to recast Norman Jayden, the game's FBI profiler. What a terrible performance. Everyone we've shown the game to hates his voice and dialogue.

-Those sci-fi glasses that Norman uses to locate clues don't go with the rest of the game. Quantic Dream took great efforts to create a realistic setting, and a pair of high tech sunglasses that detect blood (complete with Michael Jackson glove) seem farfetched and an easy way out."

1. Well, obviously the story won't make sense until you play the full game and you will see how each character comes together at the end. You won't figure it out with a demo, genius. Atleast, they figured out that they need to wait for the full game.

2. Well, that's yours and those you asked opinions, but Sony or QD won't listen to your small complaint and start from scratch so they can get a better actor for this one role. That's a waste of time and resources. Besides, you're not the majority. So others might like it, others might hate it, and others won't care like myself.

3. Last time, I checked QD didn't say they were going for a realistic setting, but a realistic, emotional story. Crysis has the most realistic looking graphics, but is the gameplay realistic? Nope. QD's last game itself was unrealistic with it's fantasy story, but it still rocked. The glasses themselves aren't too imaginative. Those could be a reality in a few years time. It's science fiction.

Bathyj3621d ago

Actually I'm sensing they realise this game is different and shouldnt be compared to RE, Alone in the Dark or Alan Wake. It will be in a class of its own.

However, it may alienate some who just want the same old destroying enemies with big weapons, cookie cutter crap.

Personally I think they've put it on the right console to give it a chance with PS3 owners having broader interests and generally being older too.


shawnsl653621d ago

This just in! Heavy Rain's sequel. Dark Storm, theme, zombies!

Bathyj3621d ago

Looks like we were sort of both right.

I dont see how they can say the story doesnt make sense when they've seen so little of it. Do they think all the answers are laid out in the demo? Imagine watching the first act of The Godfather, (An almost half hour wedding scene) and then proclaiming the movie made no sense as there were no gun fights, car chases or killing in it.

"it's unlike anything you've played"

That should be enough for most mature gamers to go into it with an open mind. If you dont have an open mind, well, go play another shooter instead.

sikbeta3621d ago

This is the "professional" Media guyz when talk about something new:

"-OMG, WTH is this!"
-"Yeah....Where in Hell is The Shotgun?, God Damn IT!"
"-Wait...this is something we didn't see before"
-"You're right, this is not a shooter, F*ck!!!"
"-But this story doesn't make any sense, where are the Aliens?"
-"Hell, this a cut-scene?...I thought I was going to shoot that guy"
"-Wai...wai...wait, I have to explore in here, but this is boring, I rather shoot something instead"
-"What a waste of time!!"
"-It doesn't make any sense to make a complete review of the FULL Game"
-"Yes, wanna go play some MW2 multiplayer""
"-Hell yes, now that's a great game"

Well something like that or more like:

Something New = something Bad

What a Joke....

cmrbe3621d ago

surprisingly. I like the fact that they said it plays unlike anything they played before. That is the thing i wanted to hear the most.

Personally i am tired of shoot/cover/heal/shoot/cover/h eal/shoot that is common in games now days.

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Apocalypse Shadow3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

omikron and frequency/indigo prophecy.

gamers who enjoy something different are the same gamers who bought games like flow/flower,pixel junk games,sotc/ico,okami,psychonau ts,beyond good and evil,folklore,LBP,etc.

like right now,i'm playing through pixel junk shooter and it's the most fun i had in a while with the different fire and ice levels,water and earth,etc.

something so simple yet so complex in design.only mature gamers would understand these concepts that don't need twitch/trigger finger gameplay.

heavy rain is day one.and it's good to see the casting girl/Aurelie Bancilhon show up in the new screenshots.glad to see she made "THE CUT" and wasn't "TOO TALL" for the part.

inside joke for those who know........

Bathyj3621d ago

PJ shooter is awesome. Part shooter, part puzzle. The fire/water/ice/gas/magnetic combo are great and really make you think. Brilliant design.

And yeah, shes not too tall for me, ;) I'm 6'3.

Apocalypse Shadow3621d ago

that tall huh?only 5'6.

that's okay,i can settle for Madison.she's thick and juicy.