New in-game Heavy Rain Screens

JeuxVideo has posted new in-game screens for Heavy Rain.

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SnuggleBandit3626d ago

hahahaha omg that was funny sh!t....looks like there's a fair amount of nudity in this game (EU version it is!)

Saaking3626d ago

The game looks awesome. There's way too many great games coming out next year, it's gonna be hard to decide which will get GOTY.

FACTUAL evidence3626d ago

Yeah, day one....well these "in game screens" proves that the graphics actually are godly...dayum!

dgroundwater3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Is that... Alan Wake? What are you doing here you aren't on PS3 :0

All these screens look good.

Kevin ButIer3626d ago

Open mind for a new gen of gamming

deadreckoning6663626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

When this coming out? I'm gunna cancel my Bayonetta pre-order and move my 5 bucks towards this game. In fact, I ain't buyin any multiplats in 2010. All PS3 exclusives! I can't believe I was actually contemplating buying Bayonetta over a PS3 exclusive. Ive seen the light =D


"can't believe I was actually contemplating buying Bayonetta over a PS3 exclusive. Ive seen the light =D "


where did that come from?

what this is what made changed your mind?

over this.

or are you trying to make a comparison of gameplay?

3626d ago
mikeslemonade3626d ago

This game looks good enough to be released now. The graphics will only get better because it's still months away.

ChrisW3626d ago

I'm beginning to get this whole Shenmue feeling from it...

GVON3626d ago

I've not read yesterday's previews (don't want spoilers) but it seemed that comments were extremely favourable.

"For about the first hour or so, if it weren't interactive, and the characters weren't polygonal, Heavy Rain could pass for a serious and intense modern-day police drama. Its ability to convincingly stage such day-in-the-life activities as waking up in an empty house and starting your day, taking a trip to the mall, or talking to the grieving mother of a murdered child is so engrossing, that I actually found it kind of jarring when some game-friendly, improbable crime-solving technology made an appearance. It's a very dark, cold, sad, and serious game unafraid to dwell on personal loss, alienation, addiction, and other uncomfortable aspects of the human condition. In a format where escapism and power fantasies are in particularly high demand, Heavy Rain is, least in its early going, an M-for-Mature game in the best possible sense."

My favourite screen

rezenu3626d ago

Can't wait for this game. We've seen these screens before though.

Ravage273626d ago

need to stop checking out those screenshots, i want to avoid all possible spoilers.

MAG -> Heavy Rain -> WKC -> GOW3 -> FF13 -> ModNation Racers

makes me kind of glad GT5 got pushed back a bit, my wallet needs a break :p

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ginsunuva3626d ago

Holy Shat!!!!!!!! GOTY 2010!!!!

And, uh, was that the shower scene? Why is he completely devoid of hair on his body? is he a supermodel or something?!

LOL, and in one of the pics, the player failed at doing the right prompt to dry himself with the towel. YOU FAILED AT DRYING YOURSELF WITH A TOWEL?!? Come on!

Bathyj3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Its not like the game is over.

Maybe it means you walk around wet for 5 minutes and slip on the tiles. Or dont.

TapiocaMilkTea3626d ago

Haha....unbelievable...there IS motion control at the shower scene......
Besides drying yourself with a towel, there should be a lot more interesting things to do that involves shaking the controller.

kaveti66163626d ago

Those screens look amazing, but if gameplay involves drying a guy off with a towel or having my character eat cereal one spoon at a time, I'm not going purchase this. What is this bull? Make a game, not a boring life simulation.

Mikeyy3626d ago

WOW, that game looks really good. Cannot wait.

Any idea about how long it is?

Saaking3626d ago

It's gonna have a lot of alternative endings. Every decision you make will affect the course of the game thus giving it a LOT of replay value.

GVON3626d ago

I think it's 20 endings,but because each scene has so many variables,or if you lose a character,you could play it multiple times to see every scene or possibility.

ginsunuva3626d ago

Developers said around 10 hours. 4-9 hours if you get everyone killed.

foxtheory3626d ago

Simply the best in-game graphics I've ever seen. The only game that can compete with this on a graphical level is Gran Turismo 5, and that comes out next year, too!!!

wxer3626d ago

on the
}|{ P . S . 3 }|{

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