FFXIII Pulse fields gameplay from Japanese TV

Gameplay showing just one of the planet Pulses locations.

Video quality isn't the best but thats the only available source for now.


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Oerba_Fang3630d ago

Amazing! The size of that place is epic. Look at the monsters! The colors and draw distance are both insane.

Noct3630d ago

Wow that looked great.

Behind all the screaming the pre-historic esque music I could hear sounded so good.

The lossless uncompressed audio through my 5.1 system will be just amazing.

villiers3630d ago

:D the camera shakes when it walks nearby.

All the Japanese screaming is hilarious, JTV rules!

Sunny_D3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

When the giant monster came by and walked right over the characters, the Japanese screaming made me choke my food, ha ha.

How the hell do you beat a monster that just has to stomp the ground to kill you? Lol epic. 0_o

Noctis Aftermath3630d ago

I found it funny that when they tried to get some revenge on the giant the same thing happened again to them.

GameGambits3629d ago

I want this game inside me. :(

sikbeta3629d ago

I could only understand SUGOI of everything they said XP

So, this game is SUGOI and Japanese will go Crazy in left than 2 days

FamilyGuy3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

FFXIII, Will you marry me? :)

The giant enemy fights are going to be epic and I can't believe this was possible yet FFXIII is going to be the first RPG to do it this gen. If this weren't a multi-platform game "power of the cell" would be getting thrown around like... baseballs. I really can't believe what I just saw.

The world looks beautiful and reminds me of the plains in FFX, the attacks look awesome, the character models have fluidly flowing hair and clothes and that summon plus transformation was mind-blowing yet expected from the likes of Square-enix.

They've resorted my love for their most famous series and it only took the clips from some goofy japanese tv show.

When I saw the thing walking about I though it was just some background scenery at first and even when she walked up to it I thought it would trigger some event like riding the monster to get somewhere. Then all of a sudden they're in a battle with a beast that has toe nails bigger than the characters.

I'm ready to break out the rosetta stone books and learn japanese just so I don't have to wait months for something that's really releasing in a couple of days.

*prays for subtitled, HD feeds of the game being played*

Full version, there's more in the beginning. Can't wait to fight a giant Malboro

3629d ago
sikbeta3629d ago

What a dumb

I wanted to say:

So, this game is SUGOI (Wonderful) and Japanese will go Crazy in LESS than 2 days

This game Looks Just Amazing

rockleex3629d ago

Which transforms them into something you can drive and control.

I bet once you get all the summons, you can combine them into SuperDrive Mode!

Like how all the Power Ranger mechs combine into one giant mech!

chaosatom3629d ago

The Hype train is running now!!!

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Yarite3630d ago

The real question that still remains is if the 360 can render those dinosaurs without overheating or falling to the RROD.

Tr10wn3629d ago

The real question is you are old enough to play this? or your mom will buy it for you?

INehalemEXI3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )


Limited_Vertigo3629d ago

Best episode of American Dad thus far!!!!!!!! Bubbles for you mr. sexy

Sunny_D3630d ago

Ninji, I know you don't like SE or FF. But there's no point in reporting this perfectly good article. You abusing the reporting tools can and will cause a ban for you.

Rybnik3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

This looks SO absolutely EPIC!!! Whoever said "lame" to this is lame, or is pissed off that the game looks INSANE in-spite of being multiplatform.

Really, its got lots of subtle things that really breathe life into the world. Flowing hair and clothing flowing in a natural way because of blowing wind. The giant shadows that can be seen rolling over the landscape signaling the presence of HUGE creatures. The team wasn't kidding when they said they would have SOTC moments...really superb.

Things like this are what to use all the hardware for. This is why graphics can matter, its to achieve real immersion. The problem with so many current gen games is that they just take certain things and pretty them up. You got to do it all or it just fails. SE has NOT failed.

I couldn't be happier. The Adamantoise really felt like a giant monster. They got the scale right, and I think the screen shake really helped to sell the sense of danger that thing poses!!! (and LOL when the players got stomped by it.

Wow, and finally the full summoning sequence for Bahamut. AHHHH, why, why no English subtitles. Just put them on PSN and Live, pleeeeeese SE.

I do think the excited guy with the glasses was super annoying however. Anyway, this is how to do a next-gen JRPG!!

chaosatom3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

This is the first time, I am actually impressed with FF13.

before, I was like meh, but after watching this, I am like damn!!!!

They didn't dumb down anything, like I thought they would, so all the more better.

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The story is too old to be commented.