When Does a Glitch Become a Cheat?

Are glitches cheats? Not necessarily. A bug only provides an unfair advantage in a single-player game because the programmed AI is unlikely to make use of the exploits. In a multiplayer setting, all players have the same access to glitches.

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Sarick3622d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Infinite Dragon armor.

I simply placed the dragon scale in my Wardens keep chest after unlocking the quest. Ran to the NPc that crafts it. Made the armor then ran back to the keep and swapped the scale back out and into the storage chest causing the quest to reactivate. Each time I ran back he's make another full set of that awesome gear. Could probability sale the scale and buy it back over and over if you have the gil but that wouldn't be free.

As long as the scale was in the chest and I had the quest activated infinite dragon armor sets. Wish I tried that with Star Metal.

These glitches allow some playrers to exploit not ony the game but earn trophies. I could care less about them if they block my saves so I can't restore them on another console (if mine died). That's the whole reason saves are protected to stop people from cheating.

I think that Users should have the option to copy or backup save files. If people are cheating to earn trophies etc JUST setup the system to Lock that PSN users trophies. If I had the choice I'd turn mine off because they seem to cause companies to copy protect saves like Demons Souls, Dragon Age and Killzone.

What get's me is a all these games have at least one glitch in them that allows the player to be godlike or cheat anyway. So why all the fuss about locking the game saves when they can just freeze their trophies or lock the saves to a USER account not the system.

All in all glitches should only hurt the player and if they're used in multiplayer. After all, it's the developers fault they got in there in the first place. If it's a single player game in my humble option the faster a gamer beats a game the faster they'll go out and buy a new one. So it's not all bad for the industry unless you have a trader or renter. What upsets the balance is when the cheats are used to alter a gamers multiplayer rankings etc. Other then that let the players enjoy their *single player* games without locking them down.