Bad Guy Wins: Magna Carta 2 Review

Bad Guy Wins writes: "Ah, it's time for another edition of "This Generation of Gaming is Ass-Backwards." Sony continues their pursuit of visual supremacy while neglecting their JRPG fans. Microsoft on the other hand likes to act as though they're the company that's been based in Japan for the last few decades. Adding to this odd trend of exclusive JRPGs for the Xbox 360 is "Magna Carta 2." Oh, you never played the first "Magna Carta?" Don't worry, you're probably not alone, especially if you're an Xbox loyalist. There's not a grand, branching storyline between the two games that's going to leave you confused the entire time. Even if that were the case, Microsoft assuredly wouldn't want you to seek out the original, seeing as though it's an exclusive to Sony's Playstation 2. How's that for outstanding continuity?"

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