Dead Rising Achievements Absolutely Horrific

Thanks to someone playing Dead Rising, Capcom's zombie massacre adventure releasing early next month, we now have a list of all 50 of the achievements present in the game.

ChaosKnight6163d ago

Man, Defeat at least 53,594 zombies, get at least 50 survivors outta the mall and Defeat at least 1,000 zombies barehanded sounds very hard, but i know i'm up for that task! Im just hoping that they carry your zombie killing after you finish the game and start a new one, cuz 10 000 and even 53 000 sounds really hard to get in 7 hours...
I also like how they added "kill 53 594 zombies" because on the opening scene, the pilot says thats the population ^_^

MONTY 1876163d ago

i agree. really hard but if they carry on after the game is completed it should be fine!

also i think 1 of the zombies should look like jesper from rockstar table tennis. i would love to end him with a lawnmower or bat!