Worst Class in the World of Warcraft

Nerf Druids! Buff Paladins! You are way too OP! Man that was a typical Hunter move! Every World of Warcraft player is familiar with these discussions. On the forums, in vent, and even in general chat, most players will readily point out which classes they feel are OP, or which are more prone to spells of general silliness. But if you look hard enough you can find faults in almost every class, it's with this in mind that Mem takes on the challenge of answering what is the worst class in World of Warcraft?

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Pumbli4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Many people actually do, maybe you don't.

It's a well written article imo, I chuckled at some of these. Haven't played WoW for more then a year now though... TOR is still absorbing all my MMO hype. :P

RankFTW4733d ago

I played WoW from the start until August of this year but they totally ruined the game, I still sit on Vent with all my mates who do play it but it never sounds like they are having fun and they only play it for the social factor, but it's not worth missing out on all the vastly superior games that are available right now.

ChrisW4733d ago

I'm going to agree with rankftw. I was actually surprised to see a WoW article. I thought no one played the game after they finished the latest expansion.

Panthers4733d ago

LoL no one playing WoW? I dont think that will ever happen.

Mikeyy4733d ago

Dude seriously? Wow is the most played PC game out there.

Even though I do not like halo, I would be a FOOL to blindly say "nobody plays gaylo".


Anything Blizzard does, you can bet PALADINS are going to be the most OP characters available. Warcraft 2, Diablo 2/LOD, WoW, (never bothered much with Wc3, it causes me to breathe fire and spout profanity just by looking at it...I'm sure they're OP in WC3 too. Call it a hunch. What a long bunch of words crammed in these parenthesisesesesesesessssszz) .

il-mouzer4732d ago

still remember when rogues used to be called OP, now it's the other way round, still and enjoyable class to play