Spawn Kill Review: Tony Hawk Ride

Spawn Kill's The Herp takes a look at Tony Hawk Ride. Does the new peripheral enhance the experience, or is it just a gimmick? And what about the quality of the board itself? The Herp looks at it himself and also asks both skater and non-skating friends for their view in order to give his ultimate recommendation. Read the full review to find out his final verdict.

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tigresa3629d ago

I think the franchise needs to be put to rest... It's seen some great light of its time, but now just isn't it. Probably doesn't help that Natal is around the corner. Microsoft shoulda let him in on that biz...

rrquinta3629d ago

Yeah, between the balance board and the upcoming camera technologies (like Natal), it sort of seemed like too little too late...

What seems sad is that it seems like the people who would be most interested in this are those who aren't real skaters, but based on the review, it seems like you have to be a real skater to enjoy the game... and if you're a real skater, wouldn't you rather be out there, you know, really skating?

tigresa3629d ago

Lmao! Good point indeed.

3629d ago
theherp803629d ago

Well Natal wont offer the same experience really cause ur not interacting with something. it was a good idea just needed more time i guess.