Games on Demand Coming to Windows Live Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Games for Windows Live will be getting games on demand, allowing gamers to access and download their Live favorites. Games on Demand for Windows lets you purchase and download titles from the Games for Windows Live library from your computer, and allows you to reinstall your games whenever you want, wherever you want.

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Pandamobile3620d ago


Letros3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Still remember the first time I looked at GFWL marketplace, was expecting something like Xbox Live, needless to say I followed up with a giant /facepalm.

Seriously think that GFWL is just MS's pathetic attempt at promoting PC gaming only to keep people from saying they are doing nothing.

If they were serious about it, there would have been a Gears of War 2, or Halo 3 at W7 launch, not that I want them on PC, beat em on Xbox.

It would not be impractical for them to release something like Halo 3 on GFWL Marketplace/Retail, and exclude other DD.

The other thing that really pisses me off is their point pricing, I feel like a total tool after buying two Fallout 3 DLC as they snagged an extra $4 from me.

kaveti66163620d ago

They're called torrents.

Polluted3620d ago

Why do they have to "prove" anything. I assumed they were trying to make some money. Businesses do that stuff sometimes.

Budg3tG4m3r3620d ago

Pandamobile you been on an anti MS rampage all day, all of your comments are about MS. Do you ever just get tired or is there somthing wrong with you?

Games on demand is a big hit on Live so its only natural they expand the srevice.

Charmers3620d ago

Yeah it's a big hit on Xbox live because (drum roll please) ...... there is NO OTHER CHOICE. The "On demand" service for GFWL is facing competition from at least 3 or 4 other services. The main service that PC gamers use for downloading games (yes we have been doing it for years before they did it on Xbox Live) is of course steam. At this moment in time GFWL can't even shake a tiny lil stick at Steam.

This "on demand" service is going to fail badly it won't even be supported by MS they will just chuck these five launch titles out and that will be it. Meanwhile most sensible PC gamers will use mature download services that cater for their needs and not a cheap ass crap cut and paste console job that MS is trying to pull of.

maniacmayhem3620d ago

I love how everyone whines and complains that the PC isn't supported enough. Here comes MS who tries and ports their games to PC (including the few exclusives they have) and everyone still whines and cries.

No pleasing people.

Charmers3620d ago

Erm how has MS "ported" games to the PC ? Last time I looked they are doing their best to keep games OFF the PC. Let's see Alan Wake oh yeah they got Remedy to cancel the PC version....... Halo 3 hm hope no sign of it on the PC etc etc etc.

MS has absolutely no interest in seriously supporting the PC. They have even stated they keep games OFF the PC to give their console a leg up (if you want proof I will hunt the link down).

Since they released their GFWL service they have done NOTHING to enhance the service. The amount of content on the GFWL is still the same as when they launched it two years ago.

Right now MS is doing nothing but harm to the PC platform and I think PC gamers should reply in kind and leave this shoddy half cut service to die.

Pandamobile3620d ago

I'm not really anti-MS. I bought my Windows operating system, didn't I?

Nihilism3620d ago


Maybe if you'd used GFWL you wouldn't try to defend anything bad said against it. I also buy windows OS and always will, it is a great OS, but that doesn't mean we can't criticise MS, we in the civilised world have a balanced opinion, and will not blindly defend a certain company ala fanboys, PC gamers have no company allegiance. Guess who gets money from my game purchases and hardware...not microsoft

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Charmers3620d ago

The only news that would get PC gamers jumping for joy with regards to GFWL is if MS said "hey we will publicly film us skinning the person that thought this crappy service up".

Seriously MS give it up, no decent PC gamer cares about GFWL. I myself will never touch a game with the GFWL branding again after the abomination that is GTA 4. No I don't mean the bad port I mean the "unlimited activations" that proved to be very limited indeed.

Hopefully this "on demand" service will fail just like the MP aspect of GFWL failed. I know I won't be supporting this sorry ass service.

Nihilism3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

GTAIV is the catalyst for my hate of GFWL, that and dawn of war 2, both had GFWL and both had another third party program as well, any support for GFWL is a bad move for pc gaming, if they had it their way we would have constant internet connection requirements for all games ( and I mean being online for single player) as well as paid DLC for all games.

I'd rather give my money to steam, I bought 1 fallout 3 DLC off GFWL and that was it, i torrented the rest ( sorry bethesda, but GFWL is a joke), I Plan to buy the GOTY edition fallout 3 so I have them all on disk + it's nice to have it in one package instead of on backup disks.


I buy all my games retail, and i've learn my lesson with DRM, a game I bought ( sacred 2) has DRM issues and wont even let me patch it anymore, and because it's so bugged it's basically unplayable without patches, + mass effect DRM conflicts with mirrors edge's DRM and it makes the game slow to a crawl in 1 random place, I had to reinstall physx drivers to circumvent it, my new rule= if it has DRM, then i don't buy it, no matter how good the game, if I really want it, u'll torrent the DRM free version, and i'm serious when I say I buy all my games, but i'm not paying for another games that will reduse to install or patch because of DRM, DRM= theft. same with digital install games, except steam, they seem reasonable, but I have heard stories about people having their steam accounts blocked/ all their games gone.

cyguration3620d ago

@dchalfont, I don't trust digital copies worth spit...good game or not.

Hard copies are still necessary to make gamers feel like they aren't being gimped out of their cash.

GFWL was epic fail when they decided not to make it backward compatibile with XP systems. Buying a new operating system (and having to upgrade considering you can't run spit on Vista without 2gb+ of RAM) to run a game that was optimized for a console? No thank you.

mcgrawgamer3620d ago

unless they announce alan wake and other 360 games that aren't already coming to the PC via GFWL, or another pc games distributor I don't really see how MSFT expects to make any real headway in the digital distribution space.

user8586213620d ago

release this when we have steam? -_-' stupid idea

bcooper563620d ago

as a pc gamers who does not own a cred it it great since i can go to store pick up some M$ points and buy some games. Unlike on steam.

mcgrawgamer3620d ago

or you could simply use a paypal account and make your steam purchases. for the record I don't hate GFWL, I just have a feeling that MSFT is doing this for sole benefit of lining their pockets. I know valve wants to line their pockets as well but at least they won't try to pull the wool over your eyes like MSFT. Like the old saying goes "don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining."

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