Rumor: GBA and Xbox 1 outselling PS3s in Ireland

Next Gen Ireland rang over 25 shops in Dublin , Galway and Cork to see just how well the Playstation 3 was in fact doing in both hardware and software sales. After seeing the news that the Nintendo Wii was in fact outselling the PS3 in Japan with a ratio of 5:1 in Japan ( 8:1 in last weeks sales) we were curious to see if in fact that trend was following suit here. Some of the responses we received were not only shocking, but the furthest thing from encouraging. Some stores were managing to shift more original xbox 1 machines than the PS3.

Being the most powerful console means nothing without the software or price to entice gamers

One shop worker commented on how the GBA was in fact outselling the PS3 nearly 2:1 let alone the Wii outselling it around 6:1. Software has rising dramatically in recent weeks for the Wii with a lot of high class releases like Super Mario Strikers, Prince of Persia and Eledees while the likes of Resistance , F.E.A.R or Motostorm barely making a dent on the software charts.

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sak5004744d ago

Now thats gotta hurt, ps3 owners.

MADGameR4744d ago

How about, PS2! Outsell X Box, GameCube, Nintendo Wii,X Box 360 AND PS3!

MaximusPrime4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

not this crap again. cant you come back another year. PS3 will do well in a year time.

- edit: the N4G mods going to approve this even though there are high number of disapprovals.

wolfgang4744d ago

As I said in the report (and I put it in the comments section because this already has 2 approvals) :

This is a massive flamebait but seriouly, this rumor has 0 credibility. No numbers, the title is misleading (gba outsell in ONE store). Poster, this is not against, this article is just wrong.

I also suspect it to be totally fake as it is not signed by anyone. Next Gen Ireland, ok but who from NGI staff wrote this ???

sak5004744d ago

Looks more authentic than Sony defense force articles.

wolfgang4744d ago

Well that easy. Anything look more authentic then sonyprotectiongroup

tony4744d ago

i want the ps3 grill.

Lex Luthor4744d ago

Cell-grilled burgers 4TW!

UrbanJabroni4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Seriously? I don't even agree with this article, but I can't believe the submission process has gotten so f'd up.

Take my bubbles, I could care less at this point as I think fanboys have made this site useless. I just tried to share a story from a day ago from Forbes about Sony's layoffs of 100 people in gaming this week and 2 people managed to kill it by voting twice that it was old.

I didn't hear about it until I got a call today from colleagues that were laid off...I didn't read it on this site nor did it come up in any of the searches I ran. Did anyone else manage to miss this news that was voted off in the span of literally one minute by a couple guys voting twice?

Lord Anubis4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

it wasn't just old but it had been posted multiple times at the time. You are upset because it failed approval, as you can see from this story, it has several reports and is still up. Your story was old and it was a duplicate story. Who ever took it down knew that as well.