I Blew Off Final Fantasy, True Story

PC World writes: I blew off Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System, without apologies, for almost two decades. Not because I hate roleplaying games, or random encounters, or, you know, Japan. No, I took a pass because at the time, and from a distance, the game screamed Ultima-for-dummies, i.e. a super-simple roleplaying experience for kids who hadn't laid eyes or fingers on an Apple II, Commodore 64, or Intel 386, much less roleplaying big-leaguers like Bard's Tale, Wizardry, and SSI's Gold Box series.

That's my (sorry) excuse for jilting the maiden installment in the bestselling roleplaying series going.

And after finally playing the PSP remake, it seems I got it wrong.

Here's why.

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koehler833620d ago

Not me. I still got the cart.

rockleex3619d ago

Its pretty good for old school gamers.

Redgehammer3619d ago

I tried to play the FF games when I was younger person,but I just did not get into them. I enjoy an RPG, but FF was and still to this day is not my cup of tea. However I loved FF7 Advent Children the movie. It was beautifully rendered and something that my kids and I thoroughly enjoyed.

ThanatosDMC3619d ago

Try FF8 first. It was the easiest one to get into, in my opinion. It doesnt completely confuse you with its complexities until later in the game when you've had a good foundation of understanding whatever stuff is in FF8.

After FF8, i suggest FFX.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3619d ago

I bet that what he doesn't like it's the turn-based battle system.

ThanatosDMC3619d ago

There's also FF12 but i didnt like it. Kingdom Hearts?? I really want to see how Versus13 is going to be like.

darthv723619d ago

I too did not get into FF when it was on the NES. I did play it for the SNES though. Since then I did not get a FF game till FFX for the PS2. YES...I passed up FF7.

I was always into the Phantasy star games. I also liked dragon quest and the strategy rpg's shining force. Actually, I liked the whole "shining" series from the beginning with shining in the darkness. That is one tough dungeon crawler to get lost in.

Aside from the FF games I also took a liking to the breath of fire games.