What We Can Learn From the Halo: Reach Trailer

From the feature article (with images):

"For those of you who were able to see what little footage was shown at Spike's VGA show this past Saturday, you would have noticed the new in-game engine trailer from Halo: Reach, which is slated for release Fall 2010 essentially keeping all of us Halo fanboys in tight-knit stitches until at least the beta is available Spring next year. In the meantime, the trailer will have to do and while it isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, there are some definite indications that what we're getting here is something new and exciting. If you haven't already seen the trailer in complete form make sure to watch it before reading the rest of this article. Thus, without further delay, I present a dissertation with included screenshots of the latest Halo: Reach trailer."

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Valkyrie833625d ago

Very cool article, love the breakdown of the trailer!

NecrumSlavery3625d ago

Well the Halo series has much room for improvement. And as much potential is displayed in the trailer, it's still not visually impressive, comparing to Mass Effect 2 at least or Arkham 2

LaurenKB1233625d ago

I would have to disagree that the graphics don't look good- for a halo game they look fantastic, loving the new engine I am....

HammockGames3625d ago

Interesting read.

Overall I thought the HD trailer looked pretty good. I'm cautiously optimistic about the visual upgrade to the final product.

But was it just me, or did Kat-320's face (the Spartan in blue without a mask) look like a bad mannequin? Especially in comparison to the other unmasked folk...

NecrumSlavery3625d ago

Yeah the unimpressive remark is the lack of character model/equipment detail. The environments look great though. I would really like the damn MP Beta to come out already.

The chick in the trailer looks wretchedly plastic.

Deputydon3625d ago

Now I generally like Bungie's trailers for their Halo games. I'm honestly not a fan of the Halo series itself, but their ads always do seem to draw me in.

This trailer on the other hand, I personally thought it was the worst trailer I've ever seen come from the company.

Xi3625d ago

For the last time it wasn't a trailer!

It's part of the opening cinematic from the game, running in real time. It's not a trailer at all.

3625d ago
Traveler3625d ago

I thought the cut scene looked great. And no, it didn't look like an Unreal 3 game. Unreal 3 games are usually very lacking in the lighting department, but Reach has outstanding lighting. Some of the best I have ever seen, in fact.

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UltimaEnder3625d ago

It's crazy there is that much stuff included in such a quick trailer; nice to see it layed out.....

rogimusprime3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

but what about the final product? Hate on bungie all you want, they do epic trailers. Remember the halo 2 eight minute trailer where the chief pulls out a plasma grenade and cortana says "bet you can't stick it" that **** was EPIC, or the halo 3 trailer where he first uses the bubble shield and then jumps into a pack of brutes?

Sadly, the gameplay didn't live up to these experiences for me, an AVID-DIE hard, failed-classes-in-college because of combat evolved halo fanatic.

I want story dammit, we already know bungie makes good games, the game is gonna be GOOD, better than good. what i don't want is opened ended, question mark, or cliff hanger endings.

After reading the books, there is SO much untapped potential. Beat Halo ODST on legendary...and what do you get? More questions...

I'm sure bungie can do it, though..and will probably be waiting in line to pick this up.

PepperJack3625d ago

i hate halo with a passion, it's the most overrated exclusive ever. no ps3 exclusive has ever gotten the props that halo gets yet they're ALL better than halo

MajestieBeast3625d ago

Pepper you started a sh!tstorm prepare for it.

table3625d ago

Halo3 was disgustingly overrated but the Halo series in general is very good. CoD is far more overrated than Halo these days though.

HammockGames3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Haze? Halo? Both have 4 letters...

(just kidding, just kidding - go easy on me guys)

ASSASSYN 36o3625d ago

Your a closet fan and you know it.

kaveti66163625d ago

People approach Halo differently. For all you know, a lot of the fans of Halo are only in it for the multiplayer.

A friend of mine is a Halo fanatic but he HATES, with a passion, any Halo campaign. So, if you're upset by the fact that Halo campaigns get high ratings, then I agree. I would give a Halo campaign a 7 or at most an 8, but the multiplayer for me has always been a cut above everything else. No single aspect of the multiplayer is mindblowingly awesome, but everything together provides for an addictive experience.

I would also rate Halo's multiplayer mode much higher than any multiplayer of PS3, including Killzone2, Resistance 1&2, and even Uncharted 2, which I love.

HammockGames3625d ago

@ Kaveti,

I think you make a good point. Most people who swear by Halo do so because of the well done, addictive MP - and to those gamers Halo could probably never be considered overrated.

If it came down to just the SP campaign and graphical analysis alone, then yes, it would be easier to conclude that the Halo games have been overrated - at least in the eyes of some.

Personally, I've always enjoyed the Halo games. They aren't my fav, but they're always fun - the gameplay always grabs me.

Traveler3625d ago

PepperJack, you are a disgrace to all PS3 gamers. That comment was totally uncalled for. I love a lot of PS3 exclusive too, but Halo has always been a really good franchise. I even love the campaigns.

GiantEnemyCrab3625d ago

boo hoo

I guess Uncharted 2 winning GOTY over and over just isn't enough?

IaMs123624d ago

You know what, Halo is now the game that is soo cool its cool to hate it. Just like the freaking Jonas Brothers, i dislike them very much. Halo made itself a name for a reason. HOW do you think its gotten so big? and Why? You ever ask those questions? maybe people actually like it! OMG people like Halo? No way!

Sterotypes happen for a reason...

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memots3625d ago

How many more analyzing the trailer article do we need ?

This is a trailer about one game... This does not need 30 article posted here about that trailer.

Hmm i forgot this is the one game i will be getting for the 360 next year. So yeah that is why it getting SOOOOOOO much attention.

ASSASSYN 36o3625d ago

And yet you can't resist clicking on the article.

memots3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I am as big a Halo fan as most people, but you gotta admit this is getting a little overboard.
How about write an article about one of the developers taking a dump or posting pic of him buying a starbuck.

Seriously this is too much.
And no i didn't read the article i only commented here.

SixZeroFour3625d ago

yea i was waiting for this kinda article, and the first one i read had basically what the rest of them are saying

i dont think there is anything left to get from the trailers

GiantEnemyCrab3625d ago

"Hmm i forgot this is the one game i will be getting for the 360 next year. So yeah that is why it getting SOOOOOOO much attention."

Yes, because there is only 1 good game coming out on the 360 next year. Fine for you, but to come in here and complain about the article only to stealth troll that little jab is very telling..

memots3625d ago

Alright i am a troll there you go you got me ...

Seriously Halo Reach is the only game on 360 that is on my list of must buy.

I might rent Alan wake.
Splinter Cell hmmm maybe depends how good everyone saying it is.

So there you go this is why i said this and not because ImZ teh Trollz!

Pistolero3624d ago

But I bet there are all kinds of super duper games coming out for the PS3 in your mind right?...well anyway, there are about 6 exclusives on the 360 that I plan on getting next year...from Mass Effect 2 to Halo's gonna be one hell of a year.

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ASSASSYN 36o3625d ago

Everything from the name designations of the spartans, the armour designs, and navy affiliation confirms these are indeed class II spartan II's not spartan III's.

Munky3625d ago

It's beginning to look like it, I guess the class II project wasn't canceled after all.

Xi3625d ago

afaik, the story goes a little like this:

during the glassing of reach, the spartan 3's have been sent in to determine if there are any survivors on the ground, including Spartans. They're also there searching for remnants of tech development on reach and data that might be available and finally what the covenant are looking for on reach.

ASSASSYN 36o3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

So then why don't spartan III's have any engagements in their history?
* Operation: PROMETHEUS
* Operation: TORPEDO
* Battle of Onyx
* Battle of New Constantinople
* Insurrection of Mamore
* Bonanza Asteroid Belt

And explain the name designations that are exclusive to Spartan II's?

Spartan II's which have shield generators and superior armour compared to spartan III's died on reach in large numbers. How would a spartan III with weaker armour and no shield survive the battle of reach? They wouldn't. No Spartan III's fought on reach.

IaMs123624d ago

For one Spartan III's are not in this game, maybe they will make an appearance who knows but Noble 1 is II's. First off yes the III's have weaker armor but they can move faster and they also have constant active camo, just like some of the elites do. So in theory they can be better, but they cant be a tank like the others.

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