Microsoft Aims to Boost Xbox's Family Appeal

Peter Moore has been speaking of Microsoft's need to revamp its marketing strategies in a bid to widen the Xbox 360's target demographic. Leading analyst expects a price drop before Christmas.

Microsoft has made clear its intentions to widen its line-up of family friendly titles and redesign retail displays as a means of appealing to an audience not traditionally associated with Xbox.

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silent ninja4736d ago

they've been saying the same things for almost 2 years and nothing has been done except more shooters everyday

MS is slow

FordGTGuy4736d ago

Kameo, Viva Pinata, and all the arcade game don't mean anything?

CyberSentinel4735d ago

Replacing a "Real Video Game System" with a Blu-ray player is no replacement at all. Even He admits in the video he will get another.

"I won't be buying another 360 until the quality goes up."

Blind Lemmings, Tricks Are For Lemmings.

@5 BladeStar: Exactly bro, it was all a show for lemmings. You ain't fooling no one lemming.

duckman24704736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

The fact and truth is the only thing the 360 will do for the family environment is make the kid cry and become depressed while holding his controller and crying because his Viva Pinata game locked up with dots all over the TV screen with 3-red lights flashing on the console.
Mom and Dad are screaming on the phone with MS tech support because $140 for repairs is taking food off there families Table and little johnny's $400 X-Mas present is now a Big Flashing Red Brick.
As the 360 commercials say ..."JUMP-IN!" Its like Quick-Sand, once you put 1 foot in your done.

Diselage4736d ago

Well when there are more family friendly games then people may believe them more.

tony4736d ago

oh, boy , the 360 what a piece of technology. good games, low quality console. is true. i own it cause of the games, but is not a long lasting console , too bad.

BIadestarX4736d ago

Boo! FadedDRFT! Why didn't he record himlself braking the 360!? The video would have being nicer if he would brake the 360 into pieces. Obviously the guy.. didnt want to brake it... probably because he had guarantee and was going to send it in. LOL.

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