Tekken 6 Screen Slideshow Video

Here is a video from featuring screenshots for the upcoming PS3 fighter Tekken 6. Pictures include new characters Leo Zafina and Miguel and familiar faces like Jin, Kazuya and Asuka etc.

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nice_cuppa4745d ago

im curious as virtua fighter didnt sell very well.

thanks for your opinions.

PlayStation3604745d ago

prefer tekken over Virtua Fighter. A few reasons may be: tekken has ALOT more fighters, it has a story mode, has more fighting modes, and some people prefer the controls of tekken over VF. I for one, do prefer it over VF. It has a longer play time. IF tekken has an online mode, most likely it won't, then this WILL be a big seller. My humble opinion ofcourse.

P.S. Just because I prefer tekken, it does NOT mean i do not like VF. I love VF5, Akira is the character i use mostly.

P.S.S. Ofcourse all of you are more than welcome to disagree with me, but please reply with your disagreement.

MADGameR4744d ago

Tekken 6 is going to overkill VF5.

MK_Red4745d ago

The graphics are rather weak IMO. Rememebr Tekken3 on PSone and Tekken4 on PS2? I hope they do an overhaul so the game can be a killer. And personally, I prefer VF and MK over Tekken.

Athlon4744d ago

It would be awesome with they made a fighter with rag doll physics or incorporating the Aegia Physx engine. Each fight would be different for sure.

Cartesian3D4744d ago

but they are not pro in this section..

they allways use ANIMATION instead of ANY physics code..

just look at VF5 ( or other lastgen fighters ) same hit same response..

Im sure in 1 or 2 years we will see a REALLY next gen fighting game...

imagine u can play the game with a GLOVE and hit everywhere u want.. and his/her body act like a REAL BODY not animated one..

neogeo4744d ago

This is not up to par...

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The story is too old to be commented.