Why Dante's Inferno Is The Poor Man's God Of War

The IronstarMovement writes: "Everyone has thought it, many others have said it, and I am here to elaborate on it. Dante's Inferno is a big ass rip off! Such a big rip off that I had to constantly remind myself that I wasn't replaying the God Of War 3 demo, when in fact I was playing Visceral Games' carbon copy, hack and slash debacle. What I'm failing to understand, is why many others seem to be overlooking the fact that this game has completely duplicated gameplay from another title. Am I missing something extraordinarily innovative within this game that truly differentiates itself from God Of War?"

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YungXclusive2K93619d ago ShowReplies(1)
Hudahudahuda3619d ago

Funny how a GOW rip off is still tons more fun than bayonetta.

I'll purchase Dante's Inferno and CONSIDER renting Beyonetta. But I bet in the end DI will succeed and bayonetta...just won't.

hatchimatchi3619d ago


Bayonetta is awesome. Are you judging it based on the demo?

If that's the case I might as well skip over gow 3 because the demo feels like gow 1&2.

I already have bayonetta and the game is a blast to play. I'm also gonna buy gow3 and DI. I don't understand why certain ps3 owners have this grudge against Bayonetta, it's a good game.

WildArmed3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I agree
While i loved the gameplay of bayonetta, the 'tap r2 to dodge anything' didn't hit off with me.
And the game really cashs in on the sex..
the music, the stripping and how she walks.. just doesn't cut it for me.

And this is based of the demo.. you know a way to test games before the whole game comes out?
The DI game had too much boobage exposage lol
But still..
And i dont know why you have to jump to conclusions that being a 'ps3 owner' is the coz of Bayonetta hate.
If you dont like a game, you dont like it. It doesn't have anything to do with owning a ps3 =/
Just seems you need a reason to throw that around.

So H&S games I need to get: Dante inferno, GoW3, Prince of Persia.
Will atleast rent: Darksiders and Bayo (i havent seen much of Darksiders so it's in the lingo between rent n buy)

hatchimatchi3619d ago

I say certain ps3 owners, because it seems like a lot of people are bashing bayonetta and then praising gow3 in the same sentence. If someone doesn't like the game, that's absolutely fine. It's when i see people bashing the game and saying it's worthless and won't succeed. That's what annoys me. Also, i'm not trying to bash the ps3. It's the only nex gen system i own. I just think that some ps3 fans take sony exclusives way too seriously

WildArmed3618d ago

ah, those would be the fanboys lol. Most of them get banned to the open zone really quickly

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fallingdove3619d ago

I enjoyed the DI demo. Definitely a GoW ripoff. I just finished God of War collection and it almost felt like a sequel moving on to the DI demo.

From the bands wrapped around his arms - (Chains wrapped around Kratos' arms) to the Crimson Cross on his chest - reminiscent of the crimson stripe on Kratos'.

I like the premise, I wish EA would have been more creative with the art direction and gameplay.

WildArmed3619d ago

This way we'll have 2x GoW in '10! and thats awesome.
The more H&S the better.
Both games look great, '10 might just be the best year for hack n slash games yet.

cmrbe3619d ago

but any GOW fan should also at least play DI. Its an excellent game from the demo that i played.

sikbeta3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

You are right, but there is a Crew that is rather blind or just don't played or don't wanted to play GOW series, so they come out with "this rip-off is better than the Original"

Is really stupid knowing they don't have an Opinion based on their own experience, GOW3 Day One for me because as I played the other 3 games I know this Game will definitely be EPIC and after that DI, I love this genre so I have to buy it

cmrbe3619d ago

Don't mind them. They are just jelous that PS3 fans get to play them all so they resort to piting multi-plat against PS3 exclsuives. Its the only thing they can do.

happy_gilmore3619d ago

then the crapbox is the poor man's saturn