UGO: The Worst Heartbreaks in Videogames 2009: 25-21

UGO writes: "In a year's time you'll inch closer to death, and of course live and breathe games. There's always the ups and downs in a year of gaming and 2009 is no different. The greatest games ever are released, others are delayed, some bomb at retail and others have too much fan fiction written about them.

We've seen a lot this year, played a ton of great titles and had our icy hearts shattered with letdowns."

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Justin_bristoe3619d ago

this stupid article doesent even deserve a reply lol.pull the plug on home?? do u know how many ppl would bust down the doors at sony hq if that happened???do u idiots think ppl dont want home??? u are sick and twisted.home has 9 million users online.if anything they need to keep making it better.they started out really bad but home is now a great place to go and hang if you dont feel like leaving your actual's fun meeting ppl,it's fun watching ppl crack jokes on each other it's fun watching ppl fight,jumping into games together come on now u have to be kidding me.home has is a gem my friend.

Mikeyy3619d ago

I agree, While I do think Home needs a lot more work, I think its stupid to say "Pull the plug" on it.

A problem with home is it Nickle and dimes you for crap. I have no furniture, you get 1 couch, 1 love seat, 1 table, 1 cabinet, and 1 lamp. thats it. everything else costs a bit. there are only like 4 complete outfits to choose from that are free. I have 1 tiny apartment and some sort of weard ass tree garden place LOL.