New Prince of Persia NOT based on the movie

TVGB: "Those with morbid fears of movie tie-in games need not worry; The recently revealed Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands will not be one."

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sinncross3625d ago

best news ever!

cant wait!

josh143993625d ago

i heard this earlier which is good news because i loved the original trilogy. i liked the last game aswell except for that it was too early

Kalowest3625d ago

Then why does it look bad, i guess only time will tell.

Johnny Rotten3625d ago

good because when I think of the Prince movie I think of the actor, and when I think of him I think of bubble boy... or a gay cowboy.

Kurisu3625d ago

Which is the name of the first game. So, it's a good job that The Forgotten Sands isn't based on the movie, as that would mean that it's basically a re-telling of the first game!!!