Australian Government Releases Discussion Paper For R18+ Games

This afternoon the Australian Government released a discussion paper for R18+ games to the population with the hopes of gaining valuable knowledge from the public about the proposed classification revamp.

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Kamikaze83622d ago

Good. I really dont get why governments are so controlling over violent video games. They arnt going to turn people evil.

omicron0093622d ago

that logo kinda reminds me of the skull and crossbones logo

Ramin1233622d ago

About bloody time F U Michael Atkinson

gaminoz3622d ago

YEah well I think he still has his veto power, so the law won't change.

BUT the paper hopefully will show the rest of the public that he isn't supported. That's why we need to download the paper and participate: so he knows he is alone and not representative of the public at all.

Then he may get pressured from other areas.

RaymondM3622d ago

ugh, for the love of god I hate when people try and ban violence in video games. SO stupid. Why not try and fix important issues like teen pregnancy, drug trafficking, murders...