Prepaid Cards Cause Online Addiction

"Prepaid cards for online games are being sold to children without any restriction. More and more children are becoming addicted to games due to the free access of such cards," said Lee Song-hee, a 42-year-old mother of a teenager student. "I also think it is important to educate teenagers on the use of prepaid cards."

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Ru4246d ago

Its all the prepaid cards fault!

Amplifier4246d ago

Parents wanting to pass the blame on someone/something besides their parenting of that said child/children.

As a parent myself I have to stay in know with what my child is/isn't doing that's my RESPONSIBILITY.


sumfood4u4246d ago

Like when you did for Jump Rope for Heart! Don't blame addiction on prepaid cards, loans, teen~habits. Put your Parenting Skills before Excuses!

skynidas4245d ago

while more gamers more fun!!!!

id dot entity4245d ago

Ah the Pre-paid card... World of Warcraft... Well I wasn't addicted. So this story is bullshat.