The Bitbag: Torchlight Review: Link The Loot

The Bitbag writes: "Link the loot? That's the best fucking punchline I could come up with?! How about Diablo II, or oh my god this game fucking rocks?! Wow I am lame as shit! Anyways, if you like games such as Diablo or Hack n Slash Dungeon Crawlers in general, you will love this game. It is crack for the hardcore gamers who have been wanting a Diablo or something of its likeness for some time, and will easily get mom and dad hooked to it's simple yet complex game play. However, if you're one of those people looking for a benchmark or intricate story, you're looking in the wrong place. The game is fun no doubt, and it will give you hours upon hours of interesting game play. Just don't hold it to something like Mass Effect or Final Fantasy, where the story is key. So lets go ahead and cross examine this fucker."

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