Top of the Trash Bin: The 5 Best Worst Games of 2009

Joe DeLia of TheGameReviews writes: "As I whittled down my 2009 'Games of the Year' list, I came to the realization that ten slots just weren't enough. The past twelve months have been overloaded with 'so bad that they're good" games, in particular shooters. Take these five examples: they all have solid mechanics and cohesive gameplay, but their general clunkiness, absurd storylines, horrific voice acting and dubious subject matter keep them from even being mentioned in the same breath with games like Uncharted 2. They're games that shouldn't be good, yet enough fun is packed into them to make the experience worth the effort Most of them can be grabbed new for less than $20, all of them are guaranteed to put a goofy grin on your skeptical face."

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Haly3621d ago

Good to see a mention for WET!
Sure it might be nothing special or unique but it's good fun.

BetaChris3621d ago

I'm not sure I agree with HOTD: Overkill's inclusion on this list. Sure, it's got an amazingly cheesy story, dialog and visual studio ripped right out of Grindhouse, and a certain character with a penchant for using f-bombs as commas, but all of these aspects were intentional.

So yes, it will not earn its place on any GOTY lists (unless there was a category for best B-Movie inspired on rails shooter), but it certainly doesn't deserve a top of the trash bin nod - it's not a "so bad it's good game" - it's 5-10 hours of (deliberately) over the top zombie killin' fun.

shoinan3621d ago

But it's nice to see it get a mention nonetheless. Bionic Commando definitely deserves to be there, really awful characters, terrible story, some miserable inclusions like the death zones and all that, but when you get down to it still a lot of fun.

SlamVanderhuge3621d ago

unclever writing and repetitive gameplay. I liked HOTD Overkill, but it wasn't a great game, and its mind was in the gutter from start to finish. Therefore, it deserved its slot

Rocket Sauce3620d ago

Yeah, House of the Dead is 100% aware of how stupid it is. It doesn't quite fit with these other games, except maybe Wet - I never played that. The bad writing is intentional, too. Something like "Papa strikes again!" isn't gonna win awards, but it's worth plenty of sh*ts and giggles.

It's cool to see it get some love on a list, though. Awesome droppage of "The Room" at the end, too!

BetaChris3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

You say "mind in the gutter" like it's a bad thing? Only in certain circles ;)

Also, on a completely unrelated note, by "studio" of course, I meant "style" (not sure why I typed studio, hahaha)

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midi3621d ago

Love lists like this. Nice counterpoint to all the standard GotY lists.

gidzilla3621d ago

Managed to avoid all five of these.

50 cent game looks complete jokes.

MajestieBeast3621d ago

Bionic commando was decent allthough the story at the end just made me lol so badly and other stuff that pissed me off.


The bionic arm is his wife! I mean what was Grin smoking when that idea came up. Jerking off wasnt self service anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.