Pachter predicts Xbox Live tiered payments

Another interesting snippet from our interview with industry analyst Michael Pachter, was his prediction that Microsoft might introduce a tiered payment system to Xbox Live.

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Genesis53626d ago

Oh Mike just give it up would ya!

scruffy_bear3626d ago

Good old Michael uniting fanboy worldwide :)

ABizzel13626d ago

I'd sell my 360 if that ever happened.

Redlogic3626d ago

hooray!! more Pachter predictions!! As I sit here in my cubicle, I come I couldn't get a job as cool as his? I wish I could through sh!t at the wall and see if it sticks...for money!! Ugh, FML.

Lifendz3626d ago

this guy won't stop until it happens. Mike, sorry but this is yet another prediction of yours that just doesn't seem likely. So you can either keep making the prediction and appear more foolish, or you can admit you got it wrong and move on. Tiered payments of 30 bucks every quarter, ten bucks a month, just stop it already.

Chubear3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

You tell me, when MS introduces a $100 per year model for Live just in time to play Halo Reach MP, do you really think the 360 base will not pay that to play halo reach online?

Please, it's only 8 bucks a month and you'll get additional feature you dont' have today too.

One of the tiers will be that you could play online but you won't have your stats tracked. You just pay to have the privilege of playing online. You'll see soon enough.

boodybandit3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

there isn't a game made I would pay $100 dollars a year to play online. If MS raises the price I will walk away the minute my account expires.

SilentNegotiator3626d ago

Unfortunately, I wouldn't see MS struggling much from making it that high. People would probably still shell out the money.

sikbeta3626d ago

Do all of you know if this guy get paid for saying nonsense all day?


DocEvil3626d ago

They all have an interest in making more money. pachter works for himself and investors trying to make money. He suggests $100 a month and sees what everybody says. Everyone gets pissed so maybe he tries a softer 'two tier' $60/$100. Still people are upset but not as upset as before. Next it could be $60/$75, less people upset then, after everybody has been softened by his ridiculous predictions, MS can announce a two tier $50/$70 and people are actually relieved that the basic services haven't increased and some people will happily get the upgraded service since they thought it was going to be $100. MS makes more money and pachter and the investors that follow his advice make more money. It's disgusting industry incest.

And the exact same thing is happening with Sony and all the rumours of charging for PSN. It's only to soften up the consumer cows so that the lower than expected PSN charges seem like a deal compared to what they could have been. It makes me want to puke.

Just watch what pachter predicts and compare it to what he recommends as stock buys and you'll see that he is actually trying to influence the market in his favour. The man is lower than a used car salesman in my opinion, sneaking around in the dark corners of the stock market. I am less disgusted by rotting feces than I am by pachter.

Bnet3433626d ago

Looks like Chubear and Pachter smoke the same crack. ;)

darthv723626d ago

To get more silvers to switch I can see them lowering the price. Maybe down to something like $30-35 a year. That gives the user the online basic experience with the same current bells and whistles. Then having a more expensive level of $65-70 would get the users discounted prices on live games as well as movies/tv shows.

Redlogic3626d ago

who's the disagree fairy? someone disagrees with my own opinion....i weep for the future.

kneon3625d ago

It seems the only requirement is to say whatever pops into your head whether or not it makes any sense at all. It'll take considerable effort but I'm sure in I can learn to come up with even dumber stuff than this guy :)

It may be possible that Microsoft and/or Sony will come out with higher priced premium services but I can't see either getting away with charging more for what customers are already getting anytime soon.

Anon19743625d ago

Microsoft makes a tonne of money off XBL, that's no secret. I bet if they introduced a lower tier that simply gave online play without all the bells and whistles they might lure more people online with their 360's. They'd probably make more then enough to offset the few Gold subscribers who may downgrade their service.

TheDeadMetalhead3625d ago

Since Pachter said it, It will never happen.

vhero3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Sounds the most reasonable thing so far to be honest. Also as for saying since patcher said it, it will never happen your deluded. He makes his living by doing these guesses and gets them right more times than he gets them wrong trust me! Would you rather them just up it to $100 a year or prefer this tiered system? I know which I would prefer..

y0haN3625d ago

His only prediction I believe so far is the one that MS will start charging more for Xbox Live. If/When that happens, I will sell my 360.

STICKzophrenic3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I don't even care about FaceBook, Last.FM, Zune Video etc. I pay about $35-$40 for my Live (Ebay is your friend), and I feel Live is worth it. There's no way I'd pay $100 for the current crap they offer, but I would probably pay $60 (or whatever price I can find on Ebay for cheaper) for the online play, and hopefully party chat would be part of that tier.

TheBrit3625d ago

This guy cant make his mind up about anything. He must be a royal pain to be married to.

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Jockie3626d ago

Hey well, he had to say something to rile up the 360 owners after annoying PS3 users earlier..

Either that or he's an impartial industry analyst.. but somehow i doubt anyone is gonna buy that..

DemonStration3626d ago

I can't imagine MS giving up all the good will they've built up with their service just to make a few extra bucks.

kaveti66163626d ago

Oh? I can imagine that, but that's beside the point. Pachter has a very poor track record. I'm curious as to where he gets his info from and why he still has a job.

mjolliffe3626d ago

He could be right, he could be wrong. You never know with this one.

But people won't believe him because he's been wrong 80%+ the time.

scruffy_bear3626d ago

This be the one of those that he's right and still no one will believe it

vhero3625d ago

Your wrong you dont hear about most of the stuff he predicts so you think he's wrong 80% of the time that's all. That's why he's still got a job and earning hundreds of thousands a year most probably. Companys listen to what he says and work around him when releasing new games etc..

mrv3213626d ago

Michael Patcher relies on the fact that if you say enough you will eventually get something right, Michael Patcher doesn't realise this only works for people who have some common sense and not a troll...

karan86243626d ago

Some time a thousand years in the future something similar will happen in the Micronesia world goverment and everyone will think of him as nostradamus :P


mrv3213626d ago

I believe trolling transcends time and space and like energy cannot be created or destroyed and as such Patcher shall allways be know as a troll.

(That sounds like Doctor Who)

Sangria3626d ago

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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