Secret Wii titles Revealed?

Rumor Reporter just got word from a Hollywood Video insider that may put a smile on Star Wars fans' faces… especially if they own a Wii. Rumor Reporters insider has given him pictures of his POS screens, all show-casing several titles including a Wii version of Star Wars: Force Unleashed. Another relatively unknown title, Rebel Raiders, is also based on an air-combat (jet) title that was first released on the PS2 last year.

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Systematrix4152d ago

Looks like a computer from a Blockbuster Video maybe? Last time I saw a Blockbuster-leaked pic of an upcoming game if was for Riddick, and that turned out to be true.

drtysouf214152d ago

blockbuster or hollywood video because on the screen it says "rent sell".

DeFFeR4151d ago

Unless they edited the original makes it pretty clear where they came from.....

Systematrix4151d ago, I totally missed the "Hollywood Video insider" part. Doh!

morlanjo4152d ago

pos = point of sale, as in it was taken from a cash register or inventory computer from a retailer.

Scrumptious4152d ago

Since when do Wii games retail for $59.99 (SW:FU)? And with the technology going in to this game (particle and animation engines)I doubt it could run on the Wii.

ChickeyCantor4151d ago

who says its going to be the exact same game?

unsunghero284151d ago

Because it can definitely run on PS2

anthonsh4151d ago

Yeah the prices are a little funky. If it was any two of those 4 price points I'd be able to explain it, but with all 4 I'm just confused.

ITR4151d ago

Any game like boogie which comes with a mic.
Or DDR game.
If it's a SW game it might come with a lightsaber holder for the wiimote.

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DeFFeR4151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

But this probably was a mistake. Look at the Retail Price for the game. 59.99. What other Wii games are $60? Like 5, and they all come with perefs. Like a game pad, or a fishing pole.

Sorry, this just looks like a dude put some stuff into a POS comp (not hard to do) to create a buzz after seeing the buzz created at Blockbuster by Riddick.

It may be true, but put me in the "not likely" category.

[EDIT] Sorry #4, wrote this, and then walked away and finished it just now. Great minds think alike!

ChickeyCantor4151d ago

Wouldnt be suprised if some are 60 dollars ( or euro's...damn it )
they just dont go higher then 60.

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