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tdrules3622d ago

so that will be 8 quid for people paying for their online and free for people getting free dedi servers on Steam.

Yuprules3622d ago

That's why you buy the PC version and blame MS for the pricing on the Xbox Live.

Why o why3622d ago

since SOME 360 owners wont complain I will....Im starting a petition to run alongside my x game chat one for sony;)

mrv3213622d ago

Microsoft PAYS NOTHING! All the money comes from gold users, why not make this a gold exclusive... since your getting it early. Valve seems happy enough to give it for free... Microsoft just wants money, I see this not happening on PSN since so long as developers pay the 11 pence a gig they can charge what they like.

SilentNegotiator3622d ago

Good. The new characters are boring.


lowcarb3622d ago

This really does suck the way there charging 360 users for everything. I'm sure it's worth every penny but really what's the difference.

y0haN3621d ago

It's not made clear if it's free for PC users.. Valve has really confused the hell out of me lately (with their schizophrenic approaches to different games' support.)

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AliTheBrit193622d ago

Lol I won't be buying, I only buy DLC which is an expansion now

I.e GTA IV DLC, real DLC.

Why o why3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

are TRUE armour, yoda and this are wallets people, stay away

KillaManiac3622d ago

haha this is amazing...

So this L4D2 DLC is in reality REVERSE DLC. Since L4D2 really shoulda just been DLC for L4D1.

blue7xx73622d ago

That's good news so a new campaign and you get all 4 survivors from Left 4 Dead 1. Yeah definitely getting it.

Pandamobile3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Further proof that Valve knows exactly what their customers want.

Enjoy paying for free content again, Xbox boys.

tdrules3622d ago

also to add onto this, Im totally sure Valve would rather give 360 owners it for free.
M$ do not.

AliTheBrit193622d ago

Why do you have something against Xbox owners dude?

My set up could happily run Left 4 Dead 2

But I much prefer gaming on the 360, if Valve have love for the 360

Why can't you?..

JonahFalcon3622d ago

Better than having NO content, PS3 fanboys.

(Not that I care either way - I just hate fanboys in general.)

Chimerhazzard3622d ago

Maybe because the PC version is worlds apart better than the XBOX360 version in terms of graphics, is cheaper, has free DLC, has free online play, has better online play (dedicated servers) and has better controls? (FPS on a controller... is ridiculous when compared to keyboard + mouse)

For me I don't have anything against someone who doesn't own a PC good enought to run Left4dead 2 and buys the console version. But I do have something against someone who has a choice and decides to waste more money on a worse product.

Pandamobile3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

I'm just telling you to have fun paying like $10 for the content we get for free, on top of the $10 price difference already between the platforms.

Your price for L4D2 and all its content = $70 USD

My price = $45 CAD

And to be honest, Valve really doesn't give two sh1ts about the 360 if you compare the support they give to the 360 versions of their game compared to the PC versions.

Two words: Step-child.

@tdrules - Valve tried to make the L4D1 content free, but Microsoft wouldn't release it on Live without a fee.

@Jonah - Valve games sell way more on PC, what are you talking about? They would have to sell 2-3x more copies of L4D2 on the 360 to match the amount of money the PC version rakes in. On Steam, every cent goes to Valve. When you buy the 360 version, some goes to the retailer, some goes to Microsoft, some goes to EA, and finally, Valve gets whats left.

And if Valve REALLY loved money, they'd charge for DLC the way almost all other companies do.

I'm sure Valve's still rolling in the money they made from Half-Life 2 considering it sold like 16 million copies.

JonahFalcon3622d ago

I own the PC version, but rented the 360 version on GameFly, and it was pretty hot there, too.

If everyone is using the same controls, what's the diff? Just enjoy the friggin' game.

JonahFalcon3622d ago

@Pandamobile: You're joking, right? Valve *loves* the 360 - they love the MONEY it brings in. In fact, 360 drives the software market right now - that platform has the best attach rate, the most software sales, and most importantly, the same general software architecture as a PC.

Budg3tG4m3r3622d ago

Hate is a strong word but I agree

cyberwaffles3622d ago

hell yeah, queensryche! love that band. everyone should listen to "queen of the reich" for a hardcore metal song.

30sec3622d ago

Add *in the United States* at the end.

Budg3tG4m3r3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

playing L4D2 right now and playing a custom playlist of Queensryche songs Art of Life, up next Lady Jane :)

aaronisbla3621d ago

and then someone comes in spouting " well its better than nothing since ps3 fanboys gets nothing".....

Panda is far from being a fanboy of either home system. Try not to sound so bitter about it Jonah, he makes an excellent point. And he is right about 360 being like a step child to them. I'm thinking if they could, they would prefer most of their sells to come from steam, since they get a bigger share there.

Looking forward to this though

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TheColbertinator3622d ago

On Steam perhaps.On Live...hahahahaha no.

Anyway I enjoyed the L4D cast more then the L4D2 cast.Francis was an awesome guy and he certainly is welcome in the Zombie infested South.

Pandamobile3622d ago

Lol, Valve would never charge for DLC. It will probably cost like 500 MS points because Microsoft doesn't like giving out free content.

You can bet your ass it'll be free on Steam.

chrisulloa3622d ago

I have it on PC, it'll probably be free through steam. Sad thing is some companies are charging for DLC's on PC now, like Bioware with DA:O.

Pandamobile3621d ago

Valve is the last of a dying breed :(

Every other dev and publisher have seized the opportunity to rake in tons of cash by charging for bonus content, but Valve's still on the straight and narrow and that's one of the reasons their fanbase is so large and loving.

mcgrawgamer3621d ago

that's also the reason they still make tons of money off games like oh I don't know, Team Fortress 2 where people are still buying the game as if it were a new release. instead of nickeling and diming consumers 5 or 10 bucks for dlc, give the dlc away for free and continue to sell the game. When a game can be sold for 2.99 on a steam sale and still make money you'd think other devs and companies would take notice of that business plan.

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