Music DLC Still Selling Despite Genre's Downturn

Music and rhythm game sales have been falling pretty drastically as of late. It seems as though the "Guitar Hero" craze has all but passed, but strangely, there's still a market for music game DLC. Microsoft's David Dennis says that sales of songs and track packs on Xbox Live were still going strong despite last month's decline in hardware and software sales for the genre.

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kornbeaner3624d ago

Thats all music game should do from now on. Just sell DLC. I think most don't care that kurt cobain or the beatles are in a game as much as they do of a Nirvana or beatles song being in the game. All pubs and devs should just gather up new license agreement and release all new songs as DLC. That way the consumer can decide what songs they want and what song they don't.

geoholyhart3624d ago

The decline in hardware sell should be obvious, most people have a living room full of guitar, drums, and mics already!

Mikeyy3624d ago

Im still sitting on my Rock Band 2. im not interested in the Beatles. If Rock Band 3 where to release then I'd be all over it :)

Perhaps its Guitar Hero thats showing a decline, its on its 5th major release and has 20 smaller versions. Thats rediculous.

3623d ago