Gaming Websites NOT For The Gamers

DualShockers writes,

"You think my title is a complete contradiction to our website DualShockers? Well it is, because I think that video game websites aren't for gamers. What for? Yes, okay gamers get some news from gaming here and there. But besides that, they only come to argue anyway because "they know everything about games ever." Who I think gaming websites should be targeting are parents. That's right parents who can actually put some use into reviews, instead of the obnoxious amount of "this game cannot be a 10!" that spews out after every blockbuster that releases, EVEN when the reviewer clearly states, "this by all means does not make this a perfect game." We don't need these reviews, maybe to get a vague description of a game we may be interested in. But I've gone out, made the right decision (you know the ones I make myself?) and bought 7.0 rated games and loved it. I know what I would like and not like. So, where am I going with this? Oh right, parents. Parents if you hear me, start visiting video game websites!!"

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taz80803619d ago

Some parents really have no idea what to get and rely heavily on the associates at the stores which sometimes I hear them take them totally a stray.

AzarVC3619d ago

Kids are dumb, I know this because I was once a kid and wanted whatever was on TV the most. :)