FF13 Surprise is NOT Demo, Square Confirms

Square Enix PR rep Sonia Im set the internet ablase with talk of an FF13 demo by teasing for "something cool most of you can participate in a few days from now" over Twitter.

After much speculation across the net, Sonia has confirmed - again via her Twitter - that a demo is not the upcoming surprise.

Here's her tweet confirming it: "Think it's best if I set expectations for my #FFXIII tweet. It is NOT a demo. But it's cool regardless! So please don't be too disappointed"

UFFSite also confirmed this information with Square Enix PR reps, who told us that "the memo in question contains no mention of a demo."

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borisfett3619d ago

So... uuhhh... what *is* it then? *laughs*

Serjikal_Strike3619d ago win ff XIII game perhaps?

Marceles3619d ago

"Square changes mind, FF13 stays PS3 exclusive"

(riot breaks out)

"Square changes mind again, FF13 goes 360 exclusive, 250GB Elite & Zune bundle hits Japan"

(2000 degrees, N4G crashes)

densai3619d ago

lol, ps3 exclusive again. would be a laugh

Myze3619d ago

PSN release of English subtitles for JP version of game. That would be a really "cool" surprise. ;)

kaveti66163619d ago

Imagine if they literally get a bunch of FedEX boxes, pack them with garbage, and send it to the United States. That would be a good prank to pull. Waking up the day after Christmas and opening a box of someone else's trash.

lordgodalming3619d ago

Don't even JOKE about English subs in the Japanese version. My hopes are way too high for that already.

rockleex3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

No demo? :(

Already disappointed. >:[

Edit: FFXIII space, FFXIII clothing, FFXIII chocobo pet, all in Home? >:D

Noctis Aftermath3619d ago

No demo? disappointment has already set in.

cyberwaffles3619d ago

well it would be nice to have a demo you lousy b*tches! give a dog a bone for crying loud.

on that note, wasn't there a FF13 demo not too long ago? what happened to that?

Arnon3619d ago

It's a Wii port.


FamilyGuy3619d ago

No demo confirmed so what could it be that wouldn't leaves us in major disappointment.

*FFXIII dynamic theme
*pushed up US release date
*PS3 exclusively pushed up US release date
*Japanese version with english subs/menus option
*something Home related
*FFXIII themed PS3 being released in other countries

I'd buy a dynamic theme, no questions and since it's coming this thursday it's likely to be something on the PS Store

f7897903619d ago

That is all I'm rooting for. I WANT IT NOW!

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sakura20093619d ago

free soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lordgodalming3619d ago

Square doesn't do free things.

sikbeta3619d ago

No freaking way... Wada says "me want money...don't care from where it comes" lol

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Sangria3619d ago

The Chocobo pet on Xbox 360, a Chocobo costume for Home on PS3.

Kurisu3619d ago

With Chocobo stables. That would be nice :D Not that I ever really use Home that much.

AP3619d ago

Maybe, but that's already been announced.

densai3619d ago

ps3 already has its bonus: 1080p cutscenes and better graphics and one disc and lossless audio

sikbeta3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )


You're so right, keep that mutant chicken with you guys, I'll get my Amazing PS3 version XD

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densai3619d ago

a return to ps3 exclusive - she did say SOME of you will enjoy lmao

some meaning all but the 20 xbots who like ff13 lol

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