AC Review of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers for Wii

AC: No Square Enix series is more familiar to SE's cash-in relationship than the Crystal Chronicles games. It seems that in each entry in the series SE both shined and failed at the same time. With FFCC: Crystal Bearers exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, has SE redeemed themselves? Read on.

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SpoonyRedMage3622d ago

No embargo?

Good review, but I personally feel too long was spent talking about the past Crystal Chronicles games.

I think Belle was supposed to a bit annoying... but they may have over done it.

EvilTwin3621d ago

Seriously. You've got to go to page three before the real review truly begins.

That said, these two paragraphs are full of win:

"Breaking the norm of FF games, Crystal Bearers feels much more like Zelda. Focusing less on RPG elements, puzzle-solving and action-platforming takes up much more of your time. The sandbox elements are a great addition- I've spent hours just running around the open-world messing around and finding secrets and extra items. Considering the $50 price tag, you're getting a lot of content for your cash. Believe me, FFCC: CB is a huge game.

"In conclusion, you're trading multiplayer gameplay (though other players can help or hinder you at certain points) and customizable characters for a huge sandbox game, IR magic controls, graphical prowess, and a story-driven game. It's quite impressive- very equal in quality to a core Final Fantasy game, in many ways even more entertaining considering the intuitive controls and gameplay elements."

I've played the heck out of LoZ:TP and Okami, so this almost sounds like a no-brainer purchase for me.

That said, Bozon over at IGN apparently isn't terribly impressed thus far:

SpoonyRedMage3621d ago

To be honest after the Modern Warfare: Reflex review and the latest Nintendo podcast I don't care what IGN thinks.

The people I've seen, like average gamers I mean, who have played it have said it's good but it might not be what everyone expects.

EvilTwin3621d ago

I don't fully trust Boz, either. In retrospect, I cut him a little slack (since he had just spent months with COD:MW2, then had to review MWR in one day). But not too much. He was still wrong.

I'll read his review, but I don't think I'll ever trust IGN in quite the same way I did before. Destructoid seems about as good as I've seen lately, so I'll definitely check out their review, too.

But all things considered...this game sounds tailor-made for my tastes. It'll be hard to pass this up on the first day.

SpoonyRedMage3621d ago

Well I think it's going to end up like the past CC games, the reviewers will say "meh, it's not that great" whilst the people who actually play it will say "I had a lot of fun with the game."

Then when the next CC game comes around people who never played them will say "Well the last one was crap wasn't it?"

hatchimatchi3621d ago

The latest ign nintendo podcast was great. They talked about things that many gamers feel the same about. Like it or not, Nintendo has completely torn apart their fanbase with the wii. Just like sony did with the launch of the ps3 and like sega did with the european and american audience with the saturn. I really liked what one of the guys said in the podcast, something along the lines of "...the wii is the first nintendo system that i don't play..." I know so many people who say the same thing, they loved nes-gamecube but the wii just doesn't interest them at all. This isn't me being a fanboy, it's me being realistic.

I'm on the fence with the crystal chronicles series. i really liked the one on the gamecube but it got repetitive after a while, plus the whole multiplayer aspect that was only capable if you had a gba and the adapters. That was so stupid to put in place, same thing goes for zelda 4 swords adventures. Honestly, who owned the attachment that connected to the gamecube? Most stores didn't even sell them. Ring of Fates was fun but i lost interest in it and never finished it. I might get this new one on the wii, it looks pretty cool but it seems like Square Enix hasn't completely connected with delivering an outstanding story mixed with great gameplay for the chronicles series. This one might be different though, i've watched a few videos on youtube and it looks pretty promising.

EvilTwin3621d ago

Hatch -- I don't doubt that the Wii has divided people. I just don't get the reason. People getting misty for the GC days weren't there. Or they used Nintendo as their third console.

The Wii has the usual suspects of every Nintendo console.
Great 3D Mario? Check. Another on the way, too.
Metroid? Triple check.
Zelda? Check. And more to come.
Smash Bros? Check.
Second tier titles like PunchOut, Excite racers, Fire Emblem, Sin & Punishment, Paper Mario, Wario, Kart, etc? Check.

All of the usual suspects are there, plus some casual titles. That's all. I don't think it's Nintendo that really changed that much. It's what constitutes "core gaming" that has changed. You get people like Morgan Webb saying Mario insults her intelligence. Bloody shooters and vulgar sandbox games may be rated "mature," but I don't find them any more "core" than Metroid.

But that's just my $0.02, as someone who was a PS2 lover last gen and simply prefers the Wii this gen.

SpoonyRedMage3620d ago

Yer Hatchi, it'd be great if they actually were bringing up good points but half of what they were saying was a load of crap, and you know it. Most of all it was a Nintendo podcast... aimed at Nintendo fans.... and then they mocked them. They were trolling, clearly from this quote:

”What is the point of complaining?” says an email. “Because we got tons of comments and tons of traffic.”

As for the CC series, Ring of Fates problem was that the progression in dungeons wasn't very clear so it was quite easy to lose interest if you didn't know where to go. Echoes of Time had much clearer progression and tighter level design.

hatchimatchi3620d ago

I honestly thought they were bringing up a lot of good points. I'll listen to it again in a minute to see if i think differently on it.

I can't put my finger exactly on why i don't like the wii all that much. Honestly it might just be the motion controls. I'm not sure. I know i prefer a controller over motion controls but at the time time i really like twilight princess and mario galaxy. It just seems like nintendo doesn't give 2 craps this generation about their original fanbase. I know people feel differently and i realize nintendo doesn't owe me anything, but as someone who has been playing nintendo consoles and buying them exclusively since the nes, i have lost pretty much all interest in what nintendo has to offer.

PS360WII3620d ago

Wow I'm rather angry over his failed break down of Rings of Fate >< and yeah what's up with having to get to page 3 for the actual review 0.o

Anywho it does sound like Crystal Bearers pulls a 180 on the franchise! I kind of like that as it still remains true to the origins but always progresses in gameplay elements. Will be looking forward to a sandboxish type FFCC ^^

ZoidsRaven3620d ago

Why must an article about a game review turn into "Nintendo doesn't care about their old fans"?
You think you CAN, but in truth. You really CAN'T control your Wii/Nintendo bashing (If you could, 90% of your posts on this site wouldn't have been made).
But anyway, lets move on.
You said Nintendo doesn't care about their old fans?
I don't want to hear nothing when I list these games.
-Sin & Punishent
-Excite Bikes

Who do you think these games appeal to?
New fans? 7_7 No...... Just....No.

hatchimatchi3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )


i was responding to 'eviltwin'

"Hatch -- I don't doubt that the Wii has divided people. I just don't get the reason. People getting misty for the GC days weren't there. Or they used Nintendo as their third console.

The Wii has the usual suspects of every Nintendo console..."

"I just don't get the reason..." being the key phrase in there.

Sometimes it's nice to have a open minded discussion on things. You should try it zoid. Oh, your response on the conduit was pretty funny. Thanks for the complete level break still doesn't change the fact that the game is repetitive as can be. I played it again last night, i can't tell you how much fun the sewer level was. I loved having to shoot 30something spawn points in order to proceed......brilliant game design.

As far your list, i'll take the bait.

-PunchOut//the wii version is basically the same thing as the nes only with updated graphics
-Sin & Punishent//the game wasn't even released in the US when the n64 was in stores. It just made it's way over here by way of the VC.
-Excite Bikes//the wiiware game is a joke, once again it's the same thing that was on the nes.

PS360WII3620d ago

So Crystal Bearers...? ^^ It looks good sounds like it plays well and seems like there aren't any major faults like game breaking stuff and not any bad words with the motion controls so that's always a plus.

As far as the wonderful Wii. Not everyone needs to like it. I as well seem confused over people saying Nintendo lost their ways when they are still doing what they've been doing since NES so really it's the gamer that "lost their ways" I'd suppose even though it's not really lossing ones way they just have a different mind set now. Nintendo will always do what Nintendo does the only thing that changes is the year.

ZoidsRaven3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

*Sigh* You see there is something you have never understood about me. I mean exactly what I say/post. Fact is, no one (but you) stated that Nintendo doesn't care about it's old fans. Sooooooooo, yeah.

Open Minded Discussion? I should try it?
I did try to have one with you, remember? But if all you do is jump the gun and call me "Wii fanboy" and think I'm taking (in your own words) "A jab at the PS3", I DON'T think I can have an "open minded discussion" with you..

OOOOOOHHHHHHHH! So you saw my post, huh? Where is the reply? Hmmmmmm?
Where is the reply proving how the "Airport" looks like the "flintstones"?
Where is that reply showing me how I'm a "Wii-fanboy"?

IF YOU REALLY DID play the conduit, you can support my post with visual proof. So tell me..... Was I wrong? No? Then nothing needs to be said/posted.

Hmmmmm? You saw the list? My my, so you didn't turn a blind eye to my list? Well see. 7_7

-PunchOut: The same? Errrrr..... I don't think I should even explain this to you, but if you say so.
1) Head-to-head matches had your character[s] turn into "Giga-Mac" in the nes?
2) Oh right.... I'm sure it had the "Heart-Meer", right?
3) Are ALL of your enemies even the same?
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Moving on.
-Sin & Punishment: WTF!?
I listed two next-gen titles that are on Wii, you should have picked up on that and knew that I was talking about "Sin & Punishment 2"...... 7_7
And even if I was listing the N64 Sin & Punishment that is now on the VC, your point? What? Old school games no good? *Scoff* Next-gen gamers these days.
-Excite Bike: Same as NES?
Yeeeaaaahhhh man, because the NES's Excite Bike soooooo had Wi-Fi and stage builder......

Thanks for reading. Now reply. 7_7

hatchimatchi3620d ago

Visual proof of the conduit? Do you want me to take pictures of me playing the game? I already took a photo of the games i own, so you know i have the conduit. I mentioned sin and punishment on the vc because putting it in your list didn't make any sense because the game didn't even have an american audience until the vc. Excite Bike did have a level creator on the nes. My mistake with me thinking you were making a jab at the ps3, i didn't take it as a personal offense, cause i really couldn't care less as to which console people like/dislike, but what did you mean when you said "but hey, i hear there are some good movies out there..." ? I figured you were assuming that i'm a sony fanboy because lots of people claim that the ps3 is a glorified blu-ray player.

ZoidsRaven3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I wasn't saying something like "show me some pics", I WAS asking you "Was I wrong?"...... But I think I'll ask the question in a better way. Was I wrong about the airport? (number of enemies, enemy type, etc) Well was I? Go back and play airport again before you make your reply, if I turn out to be right then there is no argument.

Hmmmmmm, no. Just like Fire Emblem, Sin & Punishment had a U.S. audience (not a big one) that:
1) Knew about the game.
2) Ported the game.
3) Played the game.
You mean to tell me you never knew about those guys saying they ported Sin & Punishment to the states? Yes the VC made the audience bigger and made it more easy to get the game, but you can't deny there was an audience there before the VC.

True, but did it have wi-fi? hmmmm. Then it isn't the same.

Ok, I'll explain.
When I said that, I was implying that you was a Graphics-hound or someone who thinks games are crap without good stories.
And as for the PS3 being a "blu-ray player", all three consoles do things more than just play games.
But does that mean the 360, PS3 and Wii are any less gaming consoles?

Yes? Then you're a fanboy.
No?? Then you're a gamer.

Continue your reply in PMs, because this article is well........ Dry. 7_7

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Myst3621d ago

Aww man! I had forgotten about this game and this was a game I was looking forward to. Also what does the author mean when s/he states

"you're trading multiplayer gameplay (though other players can help or hinder you at certain points)"

Is the game more like 'Tales of...series' where you could have friends play the other characters in the game that are in your party?

SpoonyRedMage3621d ago

No, it's kind of like Super Mario Galaxy... at certain points a second player can turn on the second wiimote and get another pointer just to help out. The two examples I know of are the dragon shooting and chocobo chase.

Releases on the 26th in America by the way, 5th Feb in Europe. Keep your eye out for it.;)

Myst3621d ago

Ah okay thanks for that Spoony. Wasn't sure haven't seen to much game play videos of the game so was a bit confused on that part. I think I may have to try and work this game into my many pre-orders I already have :/

Whitefox7893621d ago

I remember when that game came out, I remember how mad I was when my brother and I couldn't play it because we needed a gameboy advance gamecube adapter cable to play it together. The only game I remember being used for that other then Crystal Chronicles was for LoZ: Wind Waker to play a tingle mini game or something like that but to take as something as serious as cooperative play and make it required to do that was just wrong.

AEtherbane3621d ago

I like the review, just shows how gameinformer really hates the wii... 5.5 my @ss.

Shnazzyone3620d ago

it was an interesting read but yeah... long winded much? first 2 pages are just him detailing all the previous games and page 3 is full of plot that i'm not sure i want to know... so I had to skip that too. Finally I got his honest opinion at the end and i kinda wished that was whole review. What a pain!

Meanwhile this does look like an awesome title and i am going to have to pick this one up. It just sounds so much more original then what Final Fantasy has been for the last decade. Oh and yeah... I knew game informer was crap when they rated No More Heroes a 6.5. Game informer is just a horrible horrible publication. Why Disney gave them the Epic Mickey exclusive is completely beyond me. Game Informer can curl up and die for all I care.