Zelda Wii set for E3 demo

MCV: Series creator Eiji Aonuma says development of new Legend Of Zelda game is 'well underway'

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Beast_Master3630d ago

Kinda Duh isn't it? I mean they where talking about the game last E3 I would imagine a year later they would have a Demo. I also expect demos for Last Gardian, Other M, Halo Reach, Agent and every other game that was annouced and not shown last E3 2009.

kaveti66163630d ago

This is actually interesting because this particular iteration of Zelda will be the first Zelda to actually be designed for the Wii. Twilight Princess was a port from the Gamecube. So, this is kind of like the first true Zelda game for the Wii. Three years into its lifecycle.

NecrumSlavery3630d ago

Kind of ridiculous, don't you think? 3 years in. So you know this is the only official Wii Zelda, cause it another couple of years there will be a new Nintendo Console. Is that system getting a Wii Ported Zelda, or are they going to get out a Zelda that is up to the specs of the new Wii2?

neogeo3630d ago

I agree, and there is more to think about. The fact that Gamecube was dieing out when Zelda was being made forced Nintendo to play it safe and low budget. Now they have TONS of money and fanbase for Wii they should go nuts because they know it will sell great. No reason not to push Wii to 150% and hire the best team money can buy, but I know Nin and they tend to keep games low budget. I just want to be wowed by what the wii can do maxed out with Zelda.

ScubaSteve13630d ago


neogeo3629d ago

why the disagrees? your telling me you want a low budget, rushed gimpy Zelda?

Killman3630d ago

It will be interesting to see what Nintendo does with the series........

bigjclassic3630d ago

this will be all types of epic!!

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The story is too old to be commented.