Gamespot: Heavy Rain Extended Hands on

Heavy Rain is a game that defies definition. Combining a thrilling storyline with a heavily cinematic feel, it aims to conjure up the kinds of emotions elicited by a great film or one's own life experiences. Developer Quantic Dream has gone to extreme lengths to ensure that you aren't merely playing a game, but instead are participating in an absorbing emotional experience.

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jalen2473620d ago

"Facial animations reach levels of realism that were once just the subject of PlayStation 3 tech demos." Like I keep saying this game is pushing the bar when it comes to visual fidelity!

Bathyj3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

"unlike anything you will have played before."

Thats the second hands on to use those exact same words.

Sounds great, but I couldnt read too much because of the spoilers.