Dante's Inferno a Clone, So What?

The Dante's Inferno PS3 timed-exclusive demo was recently released on Thurs. Dec. 10, 2009 to every PlayStation owner's fancy and to some, a generic clone. But what's so different about shooters being like other shooters and racers being like other racers?

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Mr_Bun3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

The problem is that a lot of people have just played the GoW III demo and are now underwhelmed by the DI demo.

Personally, I love the Hack n' Slash genre so I say bring them on.

Jsynn73624d ago

It's getting harder and harder for developers to be original. GOW may be the template for this game but it's not GOW. The story is completely different so look at it for what it is and not what it's like. Don't ruin your experience because you think this game is a "rip-off" or "clone". There are a lot of games out there now that can be considered a "clone" of another game but still people buy them and enjoy them. I'm picking this game up bit the story is interesting (I would also like to read the actual poem of DI too).

AndrewE3624d ago

Definately check out the divine comedy!

SpinalRemains1383624d ago

I can say the same thing about GOW being a DMC and Castlevania LOI ripoff. The games are different. The characters are different and the landscapes are different. All 3D hack and slash games have a tendancy to emulate each other. Its just the nature of the style to begin with.

jack_burt0n3624d ago

Imitation is not flattering, its one thing to borrow fundamentals from a genre but literal copy paste gameplay mechanics are just cheap imo.

supremacy3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

god of war isn't a clone to prince or Persia let alone ninja gaiden, being that these games have very different mechanics such as ridding a freaking Cyclopes, fighting enemies while on a rope, pulling enemies and kicking them of nets and walls, the puzzles the stories the characters are all different based on different mythologies and that's the problem with this game.

its too much like its maker, and really tries little to differentiate itself from it.

i mean how is it that in both games you ride monsters and dante's inferno it is now coming out soon? right before god of war 3?

lol that right there is the problem with the gaming industry, they figure if something is bound to or is selling like hot cakes they clone it and tend to make a small market out of it until it bores its based to death and eventually dry up that lil market.

rock band, band hero? i just hate sh!t like that it pisses the hell out of me, i mean prototype was another game which was supposed to come out years ago suddenly Sony dates infamous and boom the market scenario happens again.

they, the bored from these companies ofcourse don't care, because lets be honest all they care about is the potential revenue coming out of all this nonsense.

but me personally say they need to stop this nonsense, to me their is no point on making an exclusive unique ip anymore if its going to get clone to try and drag those sales elsewhere?

every company from where i stand does this practice, but i feel they really need to consider changing their ways, im starting to feel this is way gaming in japan is slowly dying the way it is and is now portable.

bottom line? ill stick to the original this time, believe it im not going to be missing much from an ea game let alone a clone at that.

healthy competition is brought forth by innovation and creativity, not lazy cloning leave that to the meat industry. where im sure it wont bother many hungry people at kfc.

AndrewE3624d ago

was trying to push the examples to the extremes, but as far as games that are similar I'm fine with. As long as the game is good and improves upon the other game. What I'm not okay is with Rock Band getting copied with a crappy Band Hero game, which isn't in the same league as Rock Band just to cash in the checks.

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