Sony Brings Up Monthly Fees Again

During an interview with Nikkei Japan, Sony's CTO Masayuki Chatani touches on the growing number of ways the PlayStation 3 has to accept payment, including the dreaded "monthly fees."

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Sangria4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

"In addition to single-payment packaged software, there are also schemes like monthly fees or per-item charges."

I actually tend to believe he is talking about MMO fees and not Xbox Live-like fee, which would not be new. There are some MMOs in development on PS3 and it wont be surprising if Final Fantasy XIV had, like FFXI, had a monthly fee, while it can be interesting if DC Universe Online or The Agency would have premium items to sell (this is how MapleStory works. The MMO is free but premium stuff has a cost and MapleStory is still one of the most active free MMO since 5 years).

We have the proof Sony wants to release premium avatars since 3.00 update, and I think those ugly gray boxes will be customizable, with video game related skins for a buck or two.

happyface4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

sony wont charge for PSN, no one would pay for it in its current state :)

I expect them to charge for it with ps4 though so they can stop losing money and maybe make some profits

vhero4740d ago

obviously they are not talking about charging for PSN they are talking about premium services and the new MMO's from Sony being released later next year. Of course Kotaku have turned into a 360 fanboy site and have totally took this the wrong way and twisted it on purpose to get the fanboys to rally.

StanLee4740d ago

Sony can't and won't charge for PSN. To beginning charging users for service they already enjoy for free is a backward step that would bring a mountain of criticism.

Pillage054740d ago

I would feel so shafted if they started charging for online play. I doubt they will since they know that it was a major factor in consumers choosing their system over the competition. I have 2 ps3s in my house and I love it cause any of my friends can come over and start up their own psn account and keep their own stats when we play online and what not.

I'm curious how many people would pack up and head back to xbox if they did charge for online. I doubt I would... I would probably just stop playing online for a while.

Menech4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )


They seem to be doing a fairly good job to considering it got you annoyed enough to write all that. And it wouldn't just be MMO's there will have to be a premium layout. Phantasy Star Universe still charges monthly fee's on top of the xbox live subscription.

I hardly think they will follow the same path as the 360 and if the decide to use monthly fee's at all remains to be seen. But remember shareholders in Sony want to see nothing but profit and you can't try and say xbox live ain't a profit power house.

Megaton4740d ago

Maybe it's because I've been an on-and-off PC gamer since before there even was internet, but I won't support anyone who charges fees for online play, period. It's fundamentally wrong.

If they're talking about the numerous MMO's they have coming out, I think they're gonna crash and burn unless they go the MapleStory route. The only way they could possibly succeed on consoles, is if they played in the same universe as PC gamers, creating a much larger hybrid PS3/PC user base for the games.

lowcarb4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

In the past Phil Harrison spoke about (sorry no links) charging as well as Kaz. It would suck for the average online fanboy but the real gamers that would want to take online more serious it would be good for. It's going to eventually come and I bet people will say there not for it but be the 1st ones getting it. Many things start off free and you can bet Sony will try to make more money. With all of those users on PSN you can't tell me that more than half would pay a fee of 30 a year.

edit: Disagree all you want folks it's coming!

Menech4740d ago


World of Warcraft says HI the biggest and most profitable MMO in the world and guess what it uses monthly fee's. Any real MMO player knows Monthly fee MMO's are much better the premium store MMO's.

Simply because you can't have some uber nerd spend 400 dollars a week on premium items and own everyone online. Everyone's on a level playing field with monthly fee's.

Not the mention the whole PC/PS3 server hybrid thing is complete nonsense. Every mainstream MMO splits there servers up into small groups anyway. PS3/PC only servers would be much easier to manage. And it there wasn't enough payer base to support atleast 4 or 5 PS3 only servers it wouldn't be profitable to develop for the PS3 to being with.

If your going to speak for the MMO industry atleast understand it first. Using a lame piece of software like maple story as your example speaks for its self.

Megaton4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

@lowcarb - "It would suck for the average online fanboy but the real gamers that would want to take online more serious it would be good for."

Yeah, cause paying fees for the same online service that used to be free totally means you're a real gamer who wants to take gaming seriously. Only real gamers pay unnecessary fees.


How many dozens of P2P MMO's have risen and fallen in the 5 years MapleStory has continued to thrive? Just about all of them. WoW is the one and only P2P MMO that flourishes through it all.

Besides that, cool rant, bro.

IdleLeeSiuLung4740d ago

MS has repeatedly shown that they sell a service and that is were the future is. IBM did this with great success and got out of the PC business as well.

I'm looking forward to see what Sony is bringing to the table.

zeeshan4740d ago

Some idiots STILL keep saying that "I won't pay for PSN" while Sony has OFFICIALLY confirmed that they WON'T charge you a penny to play online games. They are planning a premium service. That's it. They might offer free movie downloads, free game downloads from PSN or perhaps free DLC of Sony's first party games and all of this is coming from my imagination as in free movies, games, DLC etc. It might be something completely different but I KNOW for a fact that they won't be charging me for playing my multiplayer games online on PSN.

Sony has already confirmed that when/if they bring up a new premium serivce, it's a completely different option, one that is NOT mendatory to play your games online.

Alcon Caper4740d ago

so what would happen if they DID start charging? Essentially, PS3 owners wouldn't have a choice given their investment into their system, their library of games, and their hatred of MS.

Sony would be in a perfect position to start charging more money because the attach rate for whatever system you use is so high.

Besides, Kaz, himself, said that the profits for the consoles come primarily from software and peripherals. This would be a major profit maker for Sony. And they know that it's an opportunity they could take hold of...

darthv724740d ago

I can see sony creating a psn that would be subscription based in the sense that it would not only have the features of existing psn but also unrestricted online access to upcoming betas or discounts on games/media.

Not exactly the same but similar to how gamestop has their edge system. Yes you can go in and buy whatever over the counter, or if you pay the fee and become a member you get discounts on used stuff and special promos that non members dont get.

If they were to somehow create a restriction to online play in the sense of game size (number of players) on the free psn and then make it so you are able to play at maximum players on the subscription side of psn. It would be the same as what lots of pc gamers have a choice of. Free online but to a more limited size of the game or you become a member and can play on any game size or server.

I would sign up if it meant getting games in the store for 10-15% off. They have to create incentive to sign up. Only those really interested in what the paid service offers sign up and pay. Others who are satisfied with the free can remain free.

In either case, online would still be available which is more than what can be said about live.

Noctis Aftermath4740d ago

I hope they don't go the monthly fee route, i'd rather pay $40-$60 for a 12 month subscription.

sikbeta4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

WOW, you are really annoying kid

current state? WTH is that suppose to mean?

"-but...but It doesn't have teh Crozz Gamez Chatz"

lol, you play games on Live or just trying to find someone with enough strength to bear with you more than 5 minutes

Then, xboyz say Live is not ruled by Whiny Kids lol


Sony will not charge for PSN, I'm sure there is going to be Premium Service

cyberwaffles4740d ago

this premium service is kind of confusing me. i mean there is already the qore subscriptions so why would there be another premium service unless sony got rid of it? i don't see the point of having Qore and this new service existing at the same time.

badz1494740d ago

and most of the time, only NA and Japan got the best features, just like LIVE! so, I won't pay a dime for online play, period!

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Capdastaro4740d ago

Business is business I guess.

divideby04740d ago

I dont even go to Kotaku...which should be renamed Kotaku-360....
over the past 6 months the site has gone downhill do to its bias, if I wanted to read BS like that I would go to Teamxbox, the worst fan site on the net..

happyface4740d ago

reporting on sony's failures isn't bias, its called reporting the news

Sony is just good at making this kind of news lately :D

table4740d ago

It is bias though when they twist something that could easily be reported as being positive into something that is negative. I'm not pointing fingers but there are definately some sites out there with an anti-ps3 agenda. Take the ps3 sales for example; some of the media perception is that it has sold slowly compared to the 360 when in reality it has sold faster and is the 3rd fastest selling console in history. The point is that the media can choose whether or not to make it positive/negative or fail/success article.

sikbeta4740d ago

"its called reporting the news "


Like the article from Sept/Oct of M$ doing BAD in Japan that get a "failed approval" status on this site

Reporting news when is convenientent for you guy, that's why we had a sh*tload of "PS3 doomz" articles everywhere and the FUNNY thing is that those "articles" weren't even real news, just Biased and Haters OPINIONS

happy_gilmore4740d ago

that site is full of xbot writers and readers..

dreaded "monthly fees." have gytako descirbed XBL's subrcription like that?

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Why don't they just give people ads and keep it free?

Elven64740d ago

They do have ads to a certain extent, items that are highlighted on the market place are most probably because the publishers paid for it. Home has ads in it as well, I guess to a certain extent we can see Qore as an ad.


Why not just create tons of clothing for avatars that are say, Nike-branded, y'know? Give Nike a cut, gives them advertising for free, and Sony takes a cut from it. Things like that, real-life licensed products. They could make up the money from those and avoid a sub fee model entirely if they went 100% with that idea..

hoo_mook4740d ago

I don't think Kotaku twisted the story. Sony is trying to find ways to improve their bottomline through a subscription service.

They'd be insane to charge for multiplayer now but MMO fees wouldn't be out of the question.