PS3 Goes Portable – Well, sort of

Ever wish you can play your PlayStation 3 on a HUGE screen anywhere you go? Well now you can as long as you don't mind people pointing at.

Don't mind the bulkiness of the suit, it is a small price to pay for making a 5 story building as your personal gaming screen. Epson & GameExtreme did a great job showing some of the possibilities you can do with it.

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omni_atlas3630d ago

PS3, it only does everything.

D4RkNIKON3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

I will repost my original comment :)

He's dressed like a cross between Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) and one of the Ghost Busters.

Edit - Oh and "Teh Goggles, zey do nothing!"

SpinalRemains1383630d ago

That was awesome. The scene when he was hanging off the rooftop on a 45< and playing the game on the ground 5 floors up was really great. I wonder if you did this in Manhattan if you can induce car accidents? You'd have to use that game of course and find a great spot to project the game, but this idea definitely has possibilities for mayhem. What a freak! If all the old timers who played "Push hoop with a stick" could see us now.

elcompa4253630d ago

a forum post not too long ago. Now it's news, sweet. haha


elcompa4253630d ago

Would of caught on fire if the PS3 was switched with a 360, haha.

Ven10003630d ago

a brand new 120gb slim for under $200 for it to be my portable PS3. Getting a carrying case for it too. My 80 gig (PS2 bc & 4 ports) is too big and heavy to be carrying around to friends' places to play.