Microsoft Declares War on Software Pirates

The software giant currently takes legal action against about one UK reseller a week, but expects that number to rocket over the coming months.

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Software_Lover3629d ago

I understand he meant no harm. No harm no foul. But innocent people are dying everyday from many countries across the world. Not just U.S. Its not something we should joke about.

thief3629d ago

So do you find software piract funny? Do you know how many computers die every day from pirated software? Every time you use a pirated software, an angel dies (its true)

UltimateIdiot9113629d ago

The best comedians always seem to be able to make fun of themselves and sensitive subjects that many seem so compelled to never talk about. Not everyone thinks everything should be taken seriously all the time. Sometimes you point out the flaws and problems with a joke. It's call being lighthearted.

mrv3213629d ago

In no part of reading that did I see disrespect to our honourable soldiers. I just saw this as a political joke aimed at the government who pull out of wars simply because the polls say so and not the fact our soldiers are doing a fantastic job.

I understand that people die and that brings me sorrow, but a lost war is still better than one that still goes on.... but no war at all will be best.

Raf1k13628d ago

I don't know what Sashimi said but I remember one of my science teachers saying that the difference between American and British comedians is that British comedians will happily make fun of themselves while Americans can't. That's why he prefers British comedians over American ones.
He obviously generalised the two groups but when watching American and British comedians it does seem very true.

Serious issues are serious for a reason but that doesn't mean you can't have a joke about it to make yourself and others feel better. We all make jokes about stuff we shouldn't every once in a while and I wouldn't be surprised if people on a tour of duty in Afghanistan made a joke every now again about roadside bombs and such.

I agree with those offended that it probably would be better to have that kind of thing in the open zone as there is a time and place for such things and in this case the place is the open zone.

sikbeta3628d ago

WTH did he said?

I want to judge him too

badz1493628d ago

if M$ really wanna do that, I hope they come here to my country! piracy is rampant here with all sofwares being heavily pirated over here (of course except for the PS3) and all mod-able consoles are sold pre-modded! if they do, and every other companies do, I can safely say it's game over for gaming in my country (where legal softwares are like rare gems on the market!)

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spartan4003629d ago

If it wasn't for America you would be wiping your ass with newspaper buddy. GROW UP and stop leaving stupid comments.

UltimateIdiot9113629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I'm american and I see nothing wrong with his comment. If you can't make fun of yourself or take a joke about your flaws, then you'll never truly learn to do things right. This is why there are political cartoons. They are meant to poke fun at obvious problems.

You have to accept your flaws and problems before you can proceed to fix it. I personally feel there is no better way then with a joke.

mrv3213628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Without America WW2 would have went on longer but we still would have won. America despite it's good has still done bad as have every country.

Need I remind you of the British inventors who have done wonders to the eveloution of society.

MajestieBeast3629d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Here come the patriotic americans.

Spartan400: america invented toilet paper i must thank you guys for that my skin is sensitive to newspaper.

We know america greatest country in the world /sarcasm

Karooo3629d ago

more sales, thats the only way they can catch PS3.

deadreckoning6663628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

"more sales, thats the only way they can catch PS3."

Maybe, but it was still a smart move by M$ nonetheless. Don't you think its impressive that people just immediately buy another 360 after getting banned? THATS brand loyalty. M$ didn't force ANYONE to buy another 360, but people did it anyway.

"I thought PS3 was still in last place as far as install base goes."

Me too :)

ukilnme3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Catch the PS3? I thought PS3 was still in last place as far as install base goes.


I hate pirates by the way.

@ Blaze929

I read the article. I was just replying to a ridiculous comment.

Blaze9293628d ago

you guys do know this has nothing to do with the 360 right...oh, I guess you're some of them "comment before reading" people

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The story is too old to be commented.