Xbox 360 and Sony PS3: Comment on build quality of either system

The build architecture of the ps3 and xbox360 compared and explained. Which of these systems have been better built have a better build ?

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kdawg2224743d ago

goes to Sony, they are a hardware company, they really though about their architecture that the ps3 was built on. Hands down now.

BIadestarX4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Ok, I will state the obvious... better yet... I will quote the guy who wrote this article,
"Yes, I am a Sony fan, ... I like sony because I haven’t had a SINGLE issue with their products. All of Sony’s products do exactly what they are supposed to do, and they do everything quite well. I know about too many of Microsoft’s products that don’t do, or can’t handle what Microsoft said they can. Examples could be, oh, I dunno, EVERY SINGLE ONE of their operating systems! But MS does have a good habit of slowly making everything they get their greedy hands on slightly better over time. That’s my argument, and I’m sticking to it."

The only thing I regret is that I had to read all that crap since he added that at the end of the article.

I don't need to go to another site to read about how much sony fans love the PS3 and how much they dislike the 360. We get that pretty much on every article that's posted here.

"The reason that it’s hard to develop for is because there’s NOTHING else LIKE it on the face of the earth! The 360 was like that too. The only reason that you don’t hear this kind of thing about the 360 is because most of the developers on the 360 platform have some kind of affiliation with Microsoft." Conspiracy! Run! All developers are against Sony and want it dead! Yes, this is the only reason... forget that 360 games uses similar tools and technology that developers are familiar with the original xbox and the PC. Most developers Hate SOny!..

But that's not all... he goes on and lie about things like this, "Sony makes it’s money solely on hardware".... really? I was under the impression that console manufacturers make money (royalties) from games published on their console which is by they sell consoles at a lost for a long time.... I was also under the impression that Sony makes money on royalties and licenses from blu-ray... Heck! Sony is not even making a profit on hardware!

DJ4743d ago

since the first one was pretty good, and the second one has a horrible build quality in comparison to other consoles on the market. If the author had talked about how well Nintendo makes their systems, you'd be stating the same, whiny crap.

What the author is stating is true, as much as we know that hurts you. Sony did a much better job constructing their system, and simply because they were able to build it themselves. Have you ever heard of Flextronics? Me neither, but apparently Flextronics is the contractor that Microsoft put in charge of designing and manufacturing the system (who in turn hired more companies to produce the Xbox 360). The 360 was also designed in record time, so fast that issues such as overheating, motherboard warping, disc scratching, etc, were not ironed out in time for launch. There's a reason the Playstation 3 and Wii are performing flawlessly.

BIadestarX4743d ago

I am not questioning the fact that the 360 may have some issues... I just stating that he is a fanboy... such as yourself DJ. Someone that dislike the 360 and also is bias against Microsoft (more like your twin brother). As matter of fact... Not for nothing but I think you would have done a better job at flaming the 360 than hi does... you should start writing this kind kind of articles... His arguments are inconsistance and sounds more like a rant than a review.
You see.. if someone like you DJ would to write the article it would sounds more apealing.. since you tend to come up with stories and things that you believe as fact... and 2 senconds later you believe them... You would be better because you beveling everything that comes out of your @$$.

Explain this DJ, "Sony makes it’s money solely on hardware".. you are saying that what he said is true.. is that true too?

DJ4743d ago

by accusing everyone who doesn't own a 360 as being a "______ fanboy". I'm sure it gets you lots of bubbles considering that the majority of individuals on this site are anti-Sony and anti-Nintendo, but that's beside the point.

Right now you're labeling me, an Xbox owner, as a Sony fanboy. A dozen other people on this site have been doing the same thing day after day, and it's really getting on my nerves. Do you actually think that acting in such a hostile manner paints a favorable picture for other, more respectable Xbox supporters?

fenderputty4743d ago

is easily as lame as that comparison vid the other day. That vid wasn't even using 720p after IGN already said that 1080i for some reason doesn't look as sharp on the PS3. This whole site is full of fanboyism. Don't act like you're not part of it.

Capt CHAOS4742d ago

But as bladestar points out, just by the fact that the author admits to total fanboyism towards the Sony products, he invalidates the entire article. How can anone as fanboyish as this author possible express an honest opinion.

And the XBOXs have delivered what they promised contract to what he's claiming.

dantesparda4741d ago

You dare call him (DJ) a fanboy, like you're some kind of innocent, unbiased gamer. You my friend are one of the biggest fanboys on this site. You, along with many others like power of green, are some of the most hateful/biggest fanboys on this site. At least Mart can say some semi-intelligent sh!t sometimes. But, you just sound like a hateful rabid fanboy all the time. Now i know i may sound like a hateful son-of-a-b!tch too. But thats just cuz i hate the fanboys, cuz you people are disgusting, and are the reason why MS is able to get away with charging me to fix my 360, when its clearly their faulty hardwares fault! because if none of you's would tolerate that sh!t, then it would be much harder for them to get away with it. But since you fanboys are willing to defend ANYTHING MS does, then you give them the power to get away with it. Its like politics, my friend, you dont really need the majority to win and get your ways, you just need the "louder" minority

R.I.P 360 (from Nov 22, 2005 til May 29, 2007)

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DADO4743d ago

Let the fame war start!!! ;))

gta_cb4740d ago

watch out, its happening above you aswell.

Diselage4743d ago

PLEASE report this story, There should not be a single "I" in this story. This is blatant plagiarism. PLEASE REPORT

BIadestarX4743d ago

mmm... I think what's going on... which stories are the ones that get the most "hot" score? flame bait articles... I guess some people are really trying hard to win this month.

Too bad we are going to have to deal with stuff like this.