More Mario 2D in the future

LiveWii writes : "When New Super Mario Wii has just hit 2 million units sells in the USA, Iwata must think it is the perfect moment to confirm that Nintendo won't be leaving the '2D Touch' in the Mario's franchise. That is what he said to the Official Nintendo Magazine website confirming that the Dream Team that worked on the last Wii title will may work on more 2D Mario games."

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TrollSlayer3624d ago

EAD4 will be moving onto Pikmin 3 now which will prob be out in 2011 so no no main 2D mario until 2012 at least

3623d ago
SpoonyRedMage3624d ago

Of course there will be, there's obviously a lot of demand for 2D Mario and I get the impression that they enjoyed working on it. I think they should consider going retro with some other games like Legend of Zelda and Metroid.

D4RkNIKON3624d ago

All great ideas. I would love a top down Zelda similar to Link to the Past for SNES. I am really hoping that this Sonic project Needlemouse is going to be a 2D platformer that goes to Sonic's roots.

gumgum993624d ago

I'm sure the Needlemouse project will turn out quite well. Sega still knows its stuff in the 2D realm.

BlackIceJoe3624d ago

That is Awesome news. I really like seeing the return of 2D games. So I hope Nintendo does not just stop at making Mario games in 2D. I so want to see another Metroid & Kid Icarus side-scroller 2D game.

na-no-nai3624d ago

good news for us 2d gamers

BootHammer3624d ago

When are they gonna realize that there is money still in 2-D. Just like many of you said..bring on more old school side scrollers like metroid, mario, zelda..a new contra...maybe a new POW =)

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