PALGN: Dragon Age: Origins Review

Dragon Age: Origins takes place in the fictional land called Ferelden, a war torn land inhabited by Elves, Werewolves, Mages, Dwarfs, sinister creatures called the 'Darkspawn' and of course humans. The plot revolves around the Blight, which essentially marks the return of the Darkspawn to the surface along with other dangers and travesties. You start by picking your race (Dwarf, Elf or Human) and class (warrior, mage, etc), followed by background (human noble, magi, city elf, etc), which will determine the character's skills.

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lokin3626d ago

i am playing this now, only two hours in but I am loving it. It sort of gives you the old Baldurs Gate/planescape/Nerverwinter vibe, with a bit of KOTOR mixed in.