Is an R18+ Classification for video games finally coming to Australia?

"Submissions are currently being sought from the community on whether the Australian National Classification Scheme should include an R 18+ classification category for computer & video games. ...If you have an interest in seeing an R18+ Classification for video games in Australia, now is the time to have your voice heard."

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GrrrlGamerX3626d ago

Does this mean we get throat-stabby goodness in AVP? I hope so! ;)

Rhythmattic3625d ago


Oz 95c to 1 US dollar.... Bet they still charge us $100 -$120 ....

Totally ripped off down under.

Restrictions or not, its still better to import.

Darkstorn3625d ago

Hopefully this will become law.
Then again, Australia is not known to be particularly progressive. It may keep its draconian rating system in place.

Noctis Aftermath3625d ago

If we don't get it this time around we will probably have to wait a couple years before it comes up again, time to speak up fellow australians.

artanisrlz3625d ago

Most new games are $90 tops at jbhifi.

jessupj3625d ago

Should the Australian National Classification Scheme include an R 18+ classification category for computer games?

To answer the above question, absolutely yes. The system as it stands now is very out dated. I believe it to be very disgraceful that I have to fight just to obtain this basic right every adult deserves. Most sources agree the average age of a person that regally participates in electronic entertainment is 30 – 33. Arrogantly hiding behind the argument of “best interest of the child” is not a valid reason for making these games illegal.. Video games are definitely not just a child’s toy anymore, in fact a lot of games aren’t even suitable for children. To deny an adult the right to choose to purchase R 18+ games is frankly un-Australian. As long as children are prohibited from buying adult only games there should be no objection at all to include an R rating for the media in question.

All of South Australian Attorney-General, Michael Atkinson points of objection are moot. It’s not up to the government to protect children regarding this issue, it’s the parent’s responsibility. If we’re going to ban R 18+ games because children ‘might’ play them while their parents are away, following that logic we should ban all adult only movies, all graphic comics, all graphic novels etc. But that notion is absurd and so is banning R rated games.

If I want to play adult themed games which do not harm anyone else, I should have that right. Australia needs to move forward with the rest of the world instead of being stuck in the past. Give Australians the right to choose.

It probably not the best, but I think they're mainly looking at the number of submissions for and against, not so much the quality.

3625d ago
Rhythmattic3624d ago


$66.47 for MW 2 @ Play-asia...... You were saying ?

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spankipants3625d ago

It's about time. WTF took so long?!

jimboh2k3625d ago

About bloody time. I need my uncensored GTA-style fun by the bucket.

treylathikes3625d ago

Well, it's a step in the right direction. Doubt it will change anything though.

grumpysmurf3625d ago

Well, at least they appear to be listening for once. What we need now is reasoned, mature submissions by the bucketload explaining why an R rating is a good thing.

treylathikes3625d ago

Indeed. I wonder if there are any gamers on the classification board? Or any young, logical people for that matter :P But yeah, if enough people fill out the survey and give strong, clear opinions on why R is needed, then hopefully they will act on it.

grumpysmurf3625d ago

I still cant work out for the life of me what their objection to an R rating is? If it works for movies, why not games? What's the difference exactly???

csimpson3625d ago

In all seriousness, this has the potential to be a big step forward for Australian gamers... thumbs up!

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