Dante's Inferno PS3 demo does 60 fps

The Digital Foundry blog at Eurogamer takes a closer look at the PS3 demo of Dante's Inferno:

"Overall though, first impressions are favourable. In an industry where the 30FPS is effectively the standard, it's refreshing to see Visceral Games sustain 60FPS so impressively, especially in a cross-platform project. Yes, Dante's Inferno will also appear on Xbox 360, but the corresponding demo won't be appearing on Xbox Live until Christmas Eve, when we'll all be on holiday. If we can sneak a look at the 360 demo during the festivities, we'll see about updating the DF Twitter feed with our thoughts."

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andron3624d ago

Many games claim to run at 60 fps and fall short, so it's great to have a frame rate analysis that shows this game delivers the goods. Still only a demo but it bodes well for the technical side of this game though...

raztad3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Agree with andron. Many suppsedly 60fps game cant sustain that framerate when things get hectic. Bayonetta, for instance, is more a 30-40 fps game on the PS3.

That said, I enjoyed DI demo but those 60fps came at a cost. Games visuals are not very good.

nycredude3624d ago

Yeah but too bad the game is a complete 1:1 copy but somehow feels empty.


you are serioulsy one of the most negative Ps3 owners I've ever saw. Where are you in the Tibetan mountains or something. This demo only took me about 20-25 minutes to download.

himdeel3624d ago

...DI is, if the demo is representative of the final product, a good game. However yes the visuals are lacking a bit of polish.

raztad3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )


Thanks but I think you are being a bit generous :D. The graveyard section looked like a PS2 game, I got the impression GoW2 HD looks better. Other sections were ok.


Yeah man. Exactly what I mean.

Talking about Dead Space, I got my copy yesterday. Loving it A LOT. It remembers me Doom 3 (I was into Doom instead of Half Life). The claustrophobic/dark atmosphere, and those mutant/aliens poping up at any corner/door. Yeah thats Doom3.

DigitalAnalog3624d ago

You know, I just got off finishing DI's demo then started GOW II HD and I just can't believe that GOW II looked like a game coming out of the PS3 while DI looked like it was for the PS2. I love Dead Space but come ON, what the hell are they doing?

himdeel3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

...I think it's only fair to say it lacked polish since it's only the demo. Even though I'm not expecting a dramatic change. Anyway my Delorean is in the shop so I cannot tell you what the final version is like yet :)

I booted up the GOW3 demo immediately after playing the DI demo and lets just say I haven't booted up the DI demo again :( That being said I still think DI will be a fun game but, in the end there will only be chaos.

YoungKiller253624d ago

i thought the graphics for DI were mediocre at best but did you guys see the cutscenes


but i dont really care for graphics on a hack and slash because you cant really stop and say wow because with the camera angles they have you cant really see dante up close, and thats the reason i went back and bought GOW:C because graphics dont really matter in these games and it doesn't ruin the experience

Solidus187-SCMilk3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

but even if it is at 60 FPS it doesnt look that great. I think DMC4, NG2, and GOw 3 all look better. But it was still fun. Ill rent it someday probably.

presto7173624d ago

It seems I have difficulty telling the difference.

jack_burt0n3624d ago

bubs @ raz and DA totally agree.

Minimox163624d ago

I notice the first time i play it the 60 fps can be notice and its very different, but i think you need a good TV or something..

SilentNegotiator3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

*Awkward Silence*

" Bayonetta....why don't YOU do 60fps on PS3 like your 360 counterpart?
Obviously it's quite achievable, right Dante and Kratos?"

YoungKiller253624d ago

GOW doesnt do a constant 60fps in the demo

SilentNegotiator3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

But tops at 60fps, staying around 40fps.

And Bayonetta does what tops? 30?

badz1493624d ago

especially the graphic. it's 60 fps but not too polish to be honest! I'd rather having a 30fps game with better graphics than what I've seen in the demo.

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Sevir043624d ago

along With Gow3 I'll totally be in Hack and slash heaven with these 2 games

bacon133624d ago

Yea, i was surprised as well. The GoW gameplay comparisons are blatantly ripped off but I couldn't care less. The GoW formula is so satisfying to play with. I'll wait to see the reviews come in before I kick open the doors to my local Gameshlop.


Imitation is the finest form of flattery......
Not so much in this case.Recently tried both the GOW3 demo and Dantes Inferno.Honestly,Dante can burn in hell.
I wasn't impressed at all.The two games aren't even comparable.

WIIIS13624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Why so insecure?

nycredude3624d ago

Why is he insecure for stating the obvious. I happen to agree with him. GOW 1 and 2 Collection was better than the demo. Sorry but if you are a 360 only owner hoping to replace GOW 3 with this imitation do yourself a favor and just buy a Ps3 for GOW 3, and get GOW Collection while you are at it. Thank me later.

This demo convinced me NOT to buy the game period.

PrimordialSoupBase3624d ago

The games are pretty much identical. That is to say, neither is a very good demo.

Gamehead363624d ago

lol identical? you sir, are a dumbass

With that being said, I will be buying DI. It impressed the hell out of me. But nothing can touch GoW3 in my opinion. I've played the demo over 25 times and every time I have busted my video game nut. Nuff said.

PrimordialSoupBase3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Yes, Identical. As in the only thing differentiating one from the the other is setting. Rather than childish name calling, engage my point.

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Rather unimpressed to be clear.It's a clone and not a very good one at that.Based on the demo I am avoiding the depths of hell entirely.Is that ok?.....or have you a suggestion otherwise?