Digital Foundry: Halo: Reach Trailer analysis

The Digital Foundry blog at Eurogamer analyse the Halo: Reach trailer:

"Over and above all of this, it is also worth remembering that the cinematics often show the engine running in a "best case" scenario. Certainly, in Halo 3, the cut-scenes often showed a higher graphical quality than the actual gameplay - the scene where the Arbiter stabs the Prophet of Truth showed a dramatic difference in lighting. How or whether this translates to Reach won't be apparent until we get to see proper in-game screenshots, which we don't expect until the beta launches some time in 2010."

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Demon55003627d ago

Well they have some valid points in this article, But every body must wait till the beta, then you will see if Bungie have the goods. But the flood of fanboy's, will De-credit any information that might, point to reach having a level of quality, that can match or out perform, categorize game of the year games, Every year games get better and better, 2010 is a big year for all?

OnlyOnN4G3626d ago

WTF!, How did this article pass by unnoticed?!?!

andron3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

It might be to factual and level headed to incite the mighty fanboy flames, I guess.

The conclusion is that we won't know for sure how "real" the trailer is until the beta launches. On the other hand the article also points out that the trailer might not represent what we'll see in game.

"What we're seeing here is indeed in-game assets running in the new engine, it's just that we have no real idea how this will translate to actual run-time performance. More aliasing is an obvious given, but it's unclear what other tweakables within the engine Bungie ramped up in order to produce the best-looking trailer."

But the Digital Foundry keep to the technical facts and fanboys like easy flamebait articles much better...

MK_Red3626d ago

It's just sad how the latest crappy flame seeking bull**** from HipHopGamershow or some other shameless site gets lots of attention but an actually decent article from Digital Fountry with useful info is overlooked this badly.

Unicron3626d ago

Yup. There was a GREAT article from Kotaku a while back about how gaming is getting too easy/dumbed down. It was really well written and thoughtful.

Never even showed up here. But man, if we can argue why game X on console Y rules/sucks... ho man. Hits a plenty.

We're just as much to blame for game media being a joke these days.