Is 3D television a massive swizz?

3D cinema technology has won over our hearts and minds in 2009.

Disney Pixar's life-affirming Up warmed our cockles and the Neil Gaiman-scripted Coraline scared our children. And while there has also been a considerable amount of 3D-dross pumped out of Tinseltown in the last year, the tech is unarguably superb and here to stay. So what of 3D in the home?

Blitz Games CEO, Andrew Oliver, is perhaps the most vocal advocate of 3D in the home in Britain, having recently launched the first stereoscopic 3D console game, Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao.

"It's no surprise to me that there will be a massive push on 3D this year at CES. CE companies can't deny the popularity and quality of the new 3D movies coming out of Hollywood. New TVs can produce exceptional quality 3D visuals with little extra technology and we've also proved that video games are possible and will look better in 3D. Everyone in the business knows 3D has finally come of age.

"I'm not expecting people who have bought a new flat panel TV to go out and buy a new, 3D enabled one. But I do expect all TV manufacturers to be offering optional 3D into most TVs in the next couple of years.

"People are always upgrading and next year they will have the choice to go for a TV that supports 3D or not. With Hollywood clearly making all the blockbusters in 3D and video games going into 3D."

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chak_3625d ago

Seriously I don't want 3D, not now. I don't feel like playing with glasses.

Or maybe I'm too oldschool for that.

anh_duong3625d ago

have you tried it? worth trying before dismissing..

nycredude3625d ago

I personally can't wait for 3d. I imagine Killzone 3 will be 3d ready and that potential has got me salivating!


This is not the old fashion red and blue 3d where the colors are gone. It is stereoscopic 3d with shutter glasses that will minimize headaches.


I have a friend who works for Sony and he says that he has played on a 3d ready Sony HDTV as early as January this year. They are set for a 2010 release and the price will be just several hundred above current hdtv pricepoint. It won't be double or triple. If a TV is now $1,500 the hd set will be around $1,800 to $2,000. Worth it if you are looking for a new set.

redsquad3625d ago

Oh I realise that - I've tried several different methods and they all have the same result. I think my brain is still stuck in the 1980's.

redsquad3625d ago

Every time I try "3D" anything I get a headache - Speaking just for myself, I'll stick with the old fashioned two dimensions that I already have when it comes to gaming.

nix3625d ago

i think it's called Motion Sickness. in some of the games one gets a headache because of the problem while syncing the speed and the environment. there are some games that give me a headache even when i think about it... leaves a bad taste though.

yeah.. i wonder how many people can "afford" to play 3D.

Wolfie3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Not now. I bought new LCD last year, and i can't buy a new one with 3D feature. It's too early :(

gtamike1233625d ago

Will not need 3D glasses when the 3D TVs come out at end of 2010. Only a PS3 will be needed also with the software update.

3625d ago
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