UK All Formats Chart: Modern Warfare Still On Top

Modern Warfare 2 is still sitting pretty in first in the UK All Formats Chart. Click to read on...

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Maticus3629d ago

I reckon Mario and Sonic's Olympic games will rise in the charts over the next couple of weeks.

HardcoreGamer3629d ago

is an amazing game even for casual gamers, that should be on the list ,

ndibu3629d ago

Sitting pretty at number 9, definitively!
Uncharted 2, not charting?? I do not own a ps3 but if i did or uncharted was on x36o, i would buy at least 2 copies! ND, come over to the dark side.
May the Forza be with you

Fyzzu3629d ago

Hands up if you're surprised. No-one? Really?

I was expecting FIFA to stay higher than that for longer, though...

Malfurion3629d ago

Agreed, no surprise. But also agreeing about FIFA. Thought that game was massive.

AndyA3629d ago

Surprised Pure is still in the chart.

thetamer3629d ago

Assassin's Creed 2 should be sitting higher than it is. It's a great name. I've not played MW2...not sure if I will.

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