Mass Effect 2 Collectors' Edition contents pictured

EA and Bioware have confirmed the final contents of the Mass Effect 2 special edition and what they look like in a nice looking image.

The Mass Effect 2 Collectors' Edition is to include a 48 page full-color concept art booklet, a collectable tin box and a Mass Effect Redeption comic to run your hands across in real life, while in-game Commander Shepard will get his hands on Limited Edition Armor and access to the Cerberus Network, which'll provide more exclusive in-game content.

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miasma3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Awesome! D1P (Day One Purchase).

Xeoset3625d ago


Seriously loved the first one. I'm currently using the last achievements as an excuse to play through it once more.

I have no idea how I'm going to last next year between this, Reach, Conviction and Crackdown 2.

miasma3625d ago

Another one I cannot wait for.

Nihilism3625d ago

That's an amazing set, I have it pre-ordered but I thought it just came with a shiny case and some extra in game items, I had no idea about the ( what appears to be ) a 1 use free DLC code which is much like the dragon age scenario

lociefer3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

im gettin it for 360, this collector's eddition is just too good to pass, this game and heavy rain will battle for best story goty

McMee3625d ago

Not usually the guy to buy the CE, but this package combined with how much I loved the original is a must buy, hopefully not sold out.

blu_yu_away3624d ago

Preordered. The first special edition game I have ever bought. I really wanna know what that Cerberous Network card accesses.

beardpapa3624d ago

man that's a sweet package

ramon_v3624d ago

background info: goddamn GameStops from my area won't take anymore preorders for the CE as they oversold it for the whole damn city.

so unless i get my greedy hands on one (preferably shrink wrapped and at midnight launch), lets get the facts straight: while Mass Effect 2 is going to be EPIC, the CE version will be sh1t and totally not worth it.

who needs extras anyway? crappy coverart FTW

now everyone go and cancel your CE preorder.


trancefreak3624d ago

I cant believe how much i want this game now i need another game for my 360. Ill have l4d 2 for xmas and then whatever exclusive 360 games next year.

ThanatosDMC3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

I hope my Blood Dragon Armor DLC will work on the 360/PC version. Though the armor itself doesnt look that great but hopefully the armor benifits and shielding will make up for it. It'll probably raise the HP.

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elorm93625d ago

So what's the price gonna be?

militant073625d ago

if its 69,99 then im SOLD

BigPete79783624d ago

It is. I just preordered it on Amazon. $69.99.

militant073624d ago

thanx, thats really cool for 69,99 , cant w8 to get it

Perjoss3625d ago

dont forget starcraft 2

RockmanII73624d ago

I think the old republic will be slightly better

chak_3625d ago

"provide more exclusive in-game content"

I hate that damnit ! Make bonus, like map, accessories or whatever, not game content ! Just like DA:O that sucks

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The story is too old to be commented.