Rock Band DLC Releases (Week Beginning Dec. 14th)

Harmonix and MTV Games has announced that a three pack of songs from Green Day, as well as tracks from 30 Seconds to Mars and All-American Rejects, will be added to the Rock Band Music Store of Downloadable Content (DLC) for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii this week. These artists are some of the more than 390 bands currently available through the Rock Band platform.

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kevco333622d ago

I think I'm gonna be giving Rock Band another bash this week... it's been SOOOO long since I stuck that disc in!

Jamescagney3622d ago

Yeah I had a go on it last night after a two week break. I was on it for a couple of hours on drums trying to do it on hard. When I finished I was shaking like a smack addict going cold turkey.

One day I might actually get every single hit, I'm stunned when I see some of the vids of people playing on expert and playing perfectly.

UltimateSin3622d ago

Come on Classic Rock Track Packs. More Deep Purple & Black Sabbath packs are needed. How aboot some Triumph on the list sometime?

iistuii3622d ago

I play drums and this is great fun. However i wish there was an online search for players with DLC as ive got 190 DLC and all i ever get when i go online is people with no DLC and i have to play the original stuff from over a year ago.

Redempteur3622d ago

i know your feeling ...
i have over 3 gb of dlc and yet ..

Yet some people don't have the same set as mine ... ( some don't even have the free tracks )

fortunatly there is still some great songs on the original disc

DexterPsycho3622d ago

When is the flight of the conchords tracks coming ? ? ? ?

UltimateSin3622d ago

I believe that when the Rock Band Network is available to all, that's when FotC will have songs in RB.

3622d ago