WB releases Arkham Asylum 2 teaser trailer

Warner Bros has just launched the initial teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Asylum 2, which combined with the URL for the game (Arkham Has Moved), has shed new light on Rocksteady's second installment in the critically acclaimed series.

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TOO PAWNED3628d ago

Sony buy WB, it makes sense for you. You are in movie industry, music industry and you would get DC comics rights. Then you have potential to make a lot of great movies, comic books and of course games.
Best of all games would be exclusive to Playstation. AA2 only on PS3, 360 owners go nuts...

Umbrella Corp3627d ago

This game will be bigger and badder than the first.I said it before and ill say it again 2010 is the year of the gamer,were getting so many amazing titles this year im gonna go broke. D:

TOO PAWNED3627d ago

game will come out in 2011