Warhawk Beta: Update Impressions

These are changes the developers at Incognito have made and posted for the beta testers, These fixes/changes are all related to the issues the beta testers felt needed to be fixed or adjusted. As of now many of these will not be implemented into the beta but will be in final game....

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Violater5009d ago

Confirm if the stability issues have been addressed.?

EZCheez5009d ago

That was actually priority one for the devs.

jwatt5009d ago

I'm impressed, they're actually fixing things in the beta.

TaylorB5009d ago

If they've truly fixed the crash, thank god. That's all I could ever ask for, I love playing Warhawk. The game itself is incredibly polished, and the stability issues were really the only thing holding it back.

fenderputty5009d ago

Does anyone know if they made the game more stable after the patch?!

I've got to head to my graduation ceremony and have no time to play it. :(

Premonition5009d ago

The patch hasnt come out yet but it will be out very soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.