All Aboard The Censorship (part one)

Critical Gamer Writes: Censorship in games is hardly a new issue, and it can vary wildly from country to country. However, two Swiss human rights organisations – Pro Juventute and TRIAL – recently produced a study entitled Playing By The Rules: Applying International Humanitarian Law to Video and Computer Games. The introduction claims that "The goal is not to prohibit the games, to make them less violent or to turn them into IHL [International Humanitarian Law] or IHRL [International Human Rights Law] training tools", and that "We have chosen video and computer games as the object of our analysis because, unlike literature, films and television, where the viewer has a passive role, in shooter games, the player has an active role in performing the actions". I shall quite easily prove that neither of these statements stands up to scrutiny.

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unknown_gamer3620d ago

Awesome article, WTF are Pro Juventute and TRIAL doing applying International Humanitarian Law to Video and Computer Games. We are all going to prison for Humanitarian Crimes

scruffy_bear3620d ago

Who in there right mind would apply International Humanitarian Law to video games.

SaiyanFury3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

A bunch of globalist socialist censors who want to control everything through regulation, despite what country you live in. Yeah, we're all a bunch of evil gamers. I loved MGS4. Now, if you'll all excuse me, I have to load up my 2 AK47s, I have a bunch of people to go "pillage". :P

Jim Crikey3620d ago

Millions of adolescent kids in the dock at the Hague, game saves and shoddy YouTube videos used as evidence...

scruffy_bear3620d ago

Well I'll be there, I'm a evil gamer

Cubes3620d ago

I hate to think how many people I've killed in games. Must be millions by now!

scruffy_bear3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Yeah mine would also be in the millions too

AssassinHD3619d ago

If that bothers you, just think of all the pixels you have inconvenienced.

Jockie3620d ago

Oh dear, read a little about this last week, but had no idea as to the extent of the time wasted on these human rights studies. And even after all their time spent doing research, they then make terrible mistakes like mistaking an internet walkthrough for official content.

DemonStration3620d ago

This will all come full circle during the inevitable Guantanamo Bay-style torture scene in Modern Warfare 3.

scruffy_bear3620d ago

Very funny bubble for you sir

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